Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Library Book Sale or Why I Shouldn't Be Allowed Near Places That Sell Books for a Very Very Long Time

Day One:

There hadn't been a big book sale in my town since October. It was like Christmas. I left way too early but I was so excited I couldn't wait any longer. I didn't get to go the first day because of work :( I was the first one to enter, while at home sat about 200 books in my to be read pile (cringe). Everything is 50 cents to a 1.00.

I got:

Blue Bloods (One of the first places I looked was the YA section, didn't have much and then I found this! In the romance section. YA is my new book passion)

Carolina Moon (The synopsis sounded good, I guess I didn't read it all the way through though, so hopefully this will be good. The cover is pretty ugly, but it's still in print so that's a good sign)

Why We Buy (A friend or two had to read this in college and it sounded really good to me)

Assassination Vacation (Not sure I want to necessarily read about assassinations but I've read such good things about Sarah Vowell I definitely want to give it a shot, love her covers too)

The Alchemist (Friend recommended this)

The Bean Trees (Friend recommended this)

PS I love You (Read this a few years ago and liked it, it's a mass market paperback, let's see how long I can hold onto it before swapping it out for a trade paperback)

Slaughterhouse Five (I've been meaning to read this for awhile now)

(and a few things for my sister)

Day Two:
This is where it gets embarrassing/buying things I really shouldn't. Darn dollar a bag!

So I will just give you a number: 14 books I shouldn't have bought. Oh +3 I found in the upstairs regular library sale.

Do you go to library sales? Do you end up buying things you really shouldn't or do you only buy a few choice books you really want? How do you control yourself?


  1. Anonymous4:20 PM

    Oh my gosh - you have me laughing so hard at the title. I am there with ya! There is a limit on my CC for a reason. :)

  2. Anonymous8:12 PM

    I can be very dangerous at library book sales, too. My husband cringes when he hears there's one coming up. I can tell him that your to-be-read pile is bigger than mine, though, mine only has 119 titles. :)

  3. J Kaye- While you were writing this I was over at your blog writing about how I should be reading instead of buying all these!

    Carrie- I know. I set a goal in my mind that after this sale I'd try really hard not to buy much. Now that it's come I'm not sure how I will do. Maybe it will work for awhile!It's just really hard to resist book when they are only a nickel! (the dollar bags)

  4. I went to my first library sale this year and was like a kid in a free candy store H.B's 3 for 5.00 Paperbacks were .75. I made 2 trips to the store i had never felt more like a junkie as i did that day, lost all self controll I snuck the books in my house, only brought 1 bag in left the other 2 in the car.

  5. Photoquest- Haha. I know day one was fine, day two was "oh no what am i doing" i took my grandparents because they are like me when it comes to books. My parents always ask me where I am going to be putting these! I think I need to go on a book buying ban for awhile now. Maybe I can satisfy myself with making lists of books I want and just not actually get them (right away). Er.. my amazon list is already at about 90 books. Hmpf!

  6. I go to library sales sometimes and always buy way too much!
    Why We Buy is a great book. Paco Underhill spoke at PLA in Boston a few years ago & he was terrific. I hope you enjoy it! :-)

  7. Marie- I know! library sales are a blessing and a curse at the same time! I'm glad you like Why We Buy, I'm looking forward to reading it. Maybe it can help explain my book buying obsession ;)

  8. I have found some of my favorite books at library sales. They always used to have a huge one in Wichita that my dad and I would go to and he would just go crazy. He'd come out with over 100 books sometimes. I was always more modest, getting maybe 15. The one they have now is not as good, but it's still fun to go.

  9. Lenore- I usually get around 30. I did see one lady leave with 4 bags of books. That was a lot!

    I'll get the gems the first day and then the second get whatever I can't bear to leave there!

  10. Fun, fun!! How I wish they had good books sales out where I am. You will love Blue Bloods, it's definitely one of the better vampire books I've read.

  11. Tasha- I know you have to be on high alert for them! Usually the largest library in each branch will have them. I was very excited with what i found though! Ah good! I can't wait to read both Blue Bloods and Evernight. My only experience with vampire books has been the Twilight series, which I really enjoyed.


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