Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mad Men Season 2

Mad Men Season 2 premiered Sunday night. Mad Men, set in the early 1960's takes place in the advertising agency of Sterling Cooper. You get to see all the office politics, important clients and meetings and also behind the scenes person lives of the characters.

I love this show. I was bummed I heard about it after the first season started (or maybe ended) Having a background in graphic design I jumped at the chance to see what my field was like then. So that, combined with my curiosity about this time period has got me hooked! And the attractive guys in suits (and hot glasses!)

I netflixed season 1 the day it came out and awesomely finished it Saturday night. This show has been on my queue for I kid you not a whole darn year. I figured I would watch for season 2 on dvd but just had to find out what happened so I decided to watch it live instead.

The season premier was just EH. It jumps ahead a year and two months. So we basically come into the middle of things. Of course they aren't going to spell it all out for you so I guess I'll just wait it out, things will be explained.

Anyone else enjoy this show? What are you watching this summer?


  1. Anonymous9:03 AM

    I didn't know about season one...lol! No TV for me. I'll be watching a movie about once a week, but no prime time tv.

  2. Man I love tv/movies almost as much as books. The last few years while I was in college those were much easier to enjoy than books, less time consuming. That's why my blog has the name it does. I love it all!


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