Sunday, August 31, 2008

American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld

American Wife is Alice Blackwell's life story. From her heartbreaking tragedy as a teenage girl to her role as first lady we become intimately connected with her. It's an expanded look at what it's like to grown up and find yourself as the first lady of the United States of America. Her story is loosely based on that of real first lady, Laura Bush. The story is split up into 4 sections, her childhood, early adulthood as a librarian, married life and motherhood, and life as the first lady.

I really really really enjoyed this book. I was a little uncertain how I would like the time jumps between the sections but I think they worked out beautifully allowing enough time to pass that a whole new set of elements could be introduced into the story without making the reader feel like they have missed a whole chapter.

I found this book really fascinating to read. Knowing that I would get to read a fictional character's life story, ending with her being the first lady definitely sounded interesting and it was. I knew it would be fulfilling to experience someone's life alongside them and she turned out to be a great character I could relate to. I felt like I was Alice's friend that she told all her secrets to throughout her life. It's very rare to get such a great character study such as this.

I will admit the first half of the book was my favorite, probably because I can identify with her at that age. Though I've grown up in a different generation it was interesting to think about maybe this is what it was like for my mom to grow up.

I definitely became more sympathetic towards the idea that the first lady is separate then the president himself. I also liked the idea of their political differences.

American Wife is released this coming Tuesday September 2nd.
5/5 Stars
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  1. Anonymous6:16 PM

    Wow - you really, really made it sound good too!

  2. I'm so glad you liked it! I wonder if it can top Prep... Probably not. It would be hard for Curtis to do that, IMO. But I hope it's better than Man of My Dreams, which wasn't bad, but it wasn't OMG CURTIS IS A GODDESS good either. *here's to hoping*


  3. I liked the first half better too. But I found the whole book so engrossing.

  4. J. Kaye- Aww thanks! I really did like it :D

    Steph- I think it's so different from Prep I guess it would be hard to decide if it could top it. I guess I see them in two different categories. I tend to have a much easier time comparing similar storylines than just fiction in general. I can't wait to read Man of My Dreams now to see what she has up her sleeve!

    Marie- I agree!


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