Sunday, August 17, 2008

Months and Seasons by Christopher Meeks

Months and Seasons is a collection of short stories. In it we meet a variety of people in different stages of life, dealing with different conflicts and life altering events. They all search for happiness for themselves and their loved ones.

Some of my favorite stories include Dracula Slinks Into The Night about a man attending a Halloween party (I really identified with this guy!), The Farms at 93rd and Broadway about a husband and wife attending a hypnotist show, The Sun Is a Billiard Ball, two stories that eventually weave into one, The Old Topanga Incident where a whole man's life burns to the ground, Months and Seasons about one man's perception of what he wants, and Breaking Water about a woman reinventing her life.

I really liked the variety in the stories. Some were humorous where as others were more serious. With some short story collections it ultimately feels like the same story repeated over and over again slightly different each time, this is definitely not the case here. This collection provides peeks into many different lives in way different ways all by the same author!

On a side note, I really enjoy when an author includes a peek at their next book. At the end of this book we get a peek into The Brightest Moon of the Century with the story The Hand. I really like his idea of a collection of stories of one man's life throughout his life, covering 30 years. Meeks compares it to The Girl's Guide to Hunting and Fishing, another book I need to read. I really liked The Hand and look forward to reading the whole collection.

3.5/5 Stars
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  1. I haven't heard of this book, but it sounds interesting.

  2. Charley- Yeah! I love the wide variety of characters, it's a fun book!

  3. Anonymous2:57 PM

    I also really enjoyed Months and Seasons and recently reviewed it on my blog . Glad to see Mr. Meeks is continuing to gain fans.

  4. rjsbooklady- I read your review when you first posted it I think! I'm over on the LibraryThing ARC Junkie board as mint910. Thanks for visiting :)

  5. sounds like a good book. I have Girl's Guide to Hunting and Fishing in my TBR.
    that cover is so cute!

  6. Naida- I've seen the movie "Suburban Girl" that was made from a few stories in Girl's Guide to Hunting and Fishing but I still need to read the book! I love short story collections!


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