Sunday, August 10, 2008

One More Year by Sana Krasikov

One More Year is a collection of short stories that explore the lives of people from the former Soviet Union. Some have immigrated to the United States and others still live or have returned to Russia. The collection explores all sorts of relationships, from care takers, to husband and wife, to uncle and niece. Many different parts of life are captures as snapshots.

Some of my favorite stories include Asal, about a relationship not normally talked about, Better Half about a young couple that marries too soon so one can remain in the United States, and There Will Be No Fourth Rome about an aunt and her niece.

To me, the stories slowly reveal themselves like peeling back an onion. You know so little in the beginning and slowly more and more information is revealed. I really like this style of writing, it keeps you on your toes and you have to pay very close attention. It's not just laid out from page one.

It is a quiet sort of collection that explores everyday life, but not the life that I'm used to or the struggles I've had to face. For that, I really enjoy it. I feel like I learned things I hadn't really known or thought about much before. I can definitely understand the comparisons to Jhumpa Lahiri. I have read her novel The Namesake, which I also enjoyed.

You can find One More Year, in stores this Tuesday, August 12th.
4/5 Stars
ARC provided by publisher

Do you like short story collections? What is your favorite?


  1. I definately want to read this. I love Jhumpa Lahiri. I read The Namesake because I read her collection of short stories, Interpreter of Maladies, as an assigned reading in college and loved it. I was so excited to see another book out by her. I just now looked on Amazon and realized that she had a new book out in April this year, so I will have to add it to my Amazon wish list!

    I don't typically read short stories, but when I do I enjoy them. I love books like all of Francisco Jiménez's where each chapter can be seen either as a stand alone or as a book as a whole.

  2. Great review!

    I'm reading a short story collection right now - FIREWORKS and I'm loving it. My favorite? Probably SIXTEEN.

  3. I liked this book a lot too. I'm writing my review soon. I can't wait for her to finish her novel! :-)

  4. Mrs. V- I want to take whatever class assigned that for you! I did have a cool class called Recent American Literature where I was introduced to the Best American Short Stories series! I need to read both of her story collections! I'll have to look into Francisco Jiménez. I really like short stories.

    Keri Mikulski- Ah, I bought Fireworks this summer and hoped to read it this summer... might not happen! Have you read Mistletoe? I think that looks fun as well! I need to read Sixteen!

    Marie- I'll have to come over and read your review! Do you know anything about her novel, I wonder what it will be about.


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