Thursday, September 18, 2008

Booking Through Thursday!

Autumn is starting (here in the US, anyway), and kids are heading back to school–does the changing season change your reading habits? Less time? More? Are you just in the mood for different kinds of books than you were over the summer?

Yay for Autumn! Autumn and Spring are my favorite seasons! When I was in school I read far less during the school year, besides required reading I don't think I really had time to read anything else. During breaks I would read up a storm though. Now that I'm out of school the seasons don't really change a thing for me. I don't think the season always reflect in what I'm reading. But sometimes I try and match up a book say about Christmas time with the Christmas season. I did want to read this short story collection, Fireworks, this summer but didn't get a chance. So I may hold off for warmer weather or I may just read it when I feel like it!

How about you, do your reading habits change with the seasons? 


  1. Um yes. Sadly, I read less during the school year. Urgh.

    And yeah that was me! I've seen Stephenie at MOA and then Meg Cabot at a library near the twin cities. Yay for Minnesotans! Kelsey from Reading Keeps You Sane is from MN too. :)

  2. Right now I'm still ruled my the seasons of school semesters so my reading does change accordingly. I'm up for a good Christmas book or summer book any time of the year. I don't usually align my reading of specific books with the actual season. Although I do like to read Christmas-y things in the summer so I can get a bit of that cozy feeling. Christmas movies work well that way too. :P

  3. I love autumn and spring as well - to me, they're milder, gentler seasons.

  4. Anonymous9:03 AM

    Autumn is my favorite season, with spring as a close second. I read with the seasons as well. There are certain favorites that are re-reads each autumn and spring, and cozy books come out close to Christmas.

    I don't get to read as much for pleasure during the school year (bleh on college) but I make it a point to squeeze in some :)

  5. I always read less in the summer and a ton during fall and winter.

  6. Liv- During the school year it seems almost impossible to read for fun. I think I daydreamed about reading!

    Amee-I can't wait to watch some Christmas movies! Elf anyone?

    s.krishna- Agreed!

    noseinanovel- I'd always start a book and never get a chance to finish it during college. So I'd have to restart it when I had time.

    ladytink_534- If I liked being outdoors that might be me too. I generally like to remain inside :D


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