Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Lookalikes 12

The Host by Stephenie Meyer

BIBLE ILLUMINATED: The Book: New Testament

These kind of scare me in a good way, I think. The second
one is almost more scary with the eye not looking directly at you, I've actually been looking at it for so long it's starting to abstract before my eyes. You know like when you look at or write the same word several times, it starts to look weird. This is definitely some powerful photography. What do you think?

EDIT: 10/11/08 Check out this alternate cover for Scott Westerfield's Peeps, that Lenore pointed out! Totally the same image!

Peeps Scott Westerfeld

EDIT: 11/2/08 J. Kaye has pointed out this cover that also shares the same image! Props to this designer for pulling out the green of the eye in the author's name!
Dark to Mortal Eyes by Eric Wilson

EDIT: 1/2/08 Here's another one, found by J. Kaye!
The Laughing Corpse by Laurell K. Hamilton

And one found by Julia!

Demon In My View by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

Update: 2/1/09 Here's one found by Deborah!

Elizabeth by J. Randy Taraborrelli

UPDATE: 2/18/09 Here's another!

Waiting to Surface by Emily Listfield


  1. The second one is FREAKY! And what makes it scarier is that it's the Bible! What?! That's strangely disturbing to me.

  2. Yes! I saw the Bible version in the paper the other day and totally thought the same thing! I'm glad you posted this.

    (The Host was super good, by the way.)

  3. The second one does start to look abstract the more you look at it, kind of like the wing of a butterfly.

  4. I was mesmerized by The Host cover, but I think I would be even more mesmerized by that second cover. Wow great cover. May be even better than The Host cover.

  5. hey..liking your giveaway on my page was a pleasure. Matrimony is totaly a book i would love to read!

  6. Anonymous11:34 AM

    OMG! I've seen both and would have never put them together. Good job!

  7. At first I thought those might have been the same photo with some manipulations done (the eyebrows were uncanny).

    Good catch.

  8. There are other scary eye close-ups I've seen (though not the same picture). Scott Westerfeld's Peeps for example (look on LT, not on Amazon).

  9. I find the first one so creepy that every time I see it, I'm glad I avoided that whole series. The second one is icky, but somehow not quite as creepy to me.

    But hey! You won Girl Stories over at my blog! I'm working on a post for several giveaway winners now and it should be up this evening sometime.

  10. Anonymous6:09 PM

    I thought the Host cover was pretty cool, but the Bible one (ironically) is kinda scary. Anyway, I saw that you're reading Sarah Vowell's book now and I'm so excited to find out what you think. I love her! Did you see her on The Daily Show the other night? Freaking fantasic. I cheered.

  11. Both the covers are freaky but they are pretty cool and they do capture your attention.

  12. I love your blog! You've been nominated for the I Love Your Blog Award. Whose blog do you love? Check my blog for more details.

  13. Wow that second picture is wow. I think I will leave it at that.

  14. I love these lookalikes - they're awesome! I've just blogged about it and mentioned your post as well!

  15. Anonymous1:12 PM

    When I first saw the cover for the illustrated Bible I thought those were two earring hoops thru her eyebrow. Too much mascara ... abstract and a 'fashion don't'

  16. Wow, I can't believe I missed this entire post. I came on Thursday, saw the Thursday thing and I guess forgot to keep scrolling down. :p

  17. Liv- Haha. They are definitely some powerful images.

    A- Ooh what did the paper have to say about it? I have the Host and am excited to read it someday!

    ladytink_534- I agree!

    serena- I really liked the Host cover too and then I saw this and just went WOW!

    keyomi- It was a good book!

    j. kaye- Thanks!

    heather- thanks! Yes they are very similar aren't they!

    Lenore- I just looked this up and I think that is the same picture! I'm going to add it to this post!

    dewey- Yeah the second one is more beautiful in some way. Thanks again for Girl Stories!

    taren- I didn't see her, but that would have been awesome! Unfortunately it's taking me a while to get through the book, I'm thinking Assassination Vacation might be a better fit for me.

    carol- Agreed!

    gabbi- Thanks again!

    eclectic reader- I agree!

    sheri s.- Thanks for including me in your post!

    dawn- LOL! I could see how that looks that way! I guess it's the logo for the publisher.

    amee- I think i posted it right before I went to bed one night when I was thinking about it!

  18. Anonymous8:04 PM

    I love the second one! It's freaking gorgeous!

  19. awesome post once again. i LOVE this Lookalies feature, as you know.

  20. Yan- It totally is! It haunts you, in a good way!

    Melissa- Thanks! :D

  21. I just saw the bible cover on Diary of an Eccentric a couple of days ago and thought, hey that looks familiar... I should have known you'd have spotted this first! I just posted about similar covers here.

  22. shereadsandreads- Hehe. Yeah, these covers sure pull you in!

  23. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Gotta go with the Host.

    The Bible seriously creeps me out. I would not be interested in buying that. The image much better suits Peeps.

  24. Anonymous- I think they are all creepy! There is this one image in the Bible that freaks me out even more, really pale model arms with nail polish and jewelry breaking a cooked gooses neck, I think?

  25. Anonymous8:46 PM

    heres yet another

  26. That's a lot of eyes!!!

  27. That eye is just creepy.

  28. Anonymous12:13 PM

    LOLOL! That is just flat out amazing!

  29. Anonymous12:48 PM

    Geez! Someone should just remove this from stock photos to encourage a little more creativity. Seriously.

  30. WOW! They really need to come up with some new covers.....!

  31. Very, very cool. I love these look-alike posts. SO fascinating.

  32. Julia- Thanks for pointing that one out, I've added it to the post.

    Everyone- this one is crazy isn't it. It's the never ending lookalike!

  33. I find it worrying someones dressed up the bible like an anita blake book.

  34. And yet another one:

    (She Thief by Daniel Finn in case the link breaks)


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