Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lookalikes 15

The Dust of 100 Dogs by A.S. King

Swinging Mademoiselles: Groovy French Sounds From the 60s

Swinging Mademoiselles Deux: More Groovy French Pop From the 60s

So this was a totally random find. I was looking in the world music section of Borders seeing if they had a soundtrack I'm trying to track down and I saw this second cd. 

When you see the illustrator in the context of 60s music it does look sort of retro but when you look at it on the book cover it doesn't give that same retro vibe within the context, in my opinion. Definitely interesting.

What do you think?


  1. Wow - that's a great find!

    I'm going to try to find a couple of good catalog links for you...bear with me.

  2. I get what you mean that the vibe is different.

    That's a crazy find! lol

    What soundtrack are you looking for?

  3. Hahahaha I was very surprised at this one. Needless to say I love Amy's cover more!


  4. Anonymous12:34 AM

    Awesome find:) I was just thinking about trying to find some more too.

  5. Anonymous2:43 PM

    could it be that skulls are less grooy/retro than funky bubble chairs? :)

    I always enjoy your look-alike finds!

    Nice painting in the Julie Roberts/sweater girl series, above!

  6. Anonymous3:45 PM

    That is fantastic! Yes! It's the You have such a good eye. I've been wanting to read A.S. King's book.

  7. lenore- I was so shocked when I found this one. It was totally random too!

    amee- It's totally crazy! I was looking for the Love Songs (Les Chansons d'Amour) soundtrack. I actually just bought it from itunes, thought it would be good reading music!

    steph- Yeah I love it more too!

    tracy- It's so fun! I'm just browsing around and one just presents itself to me. I'm pretty sure I usually gasp when i see one!

    dawn- Definitely! Thanks, I'm glad you enjoy them!

    j. kaye- Yes, I've heard very good things about the book!

  8. wow--impressive find!! i love that silhouette in amy's cover and how it cuts the darkness of the rest of the cover. such a different feel from the retro images!

  9. Okay - I am like - months late here, but WOW! Cool find! I'm biased and have been staring at the DUST cover for, like, 7 months now, but I also like the DUST cover better. Somehow, she fits in the skull perfectly. (Which is STILL mind boggling, seeing it totally goes with the actual plot of the book.)
    I am so linking this to my blog today! Great eye, Alea!

  10. Melissa- It's totally different!

    A.S. King- Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts, I definitely agree with you! :D And for sharing it on your blog too!

  11. Creepily alike! I can't wait to read this one!

  12. great find! love it when random happens. and loved reading the book.


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