Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Hardcover vs. Paperback 1

Ten Days In the Hills by Jane Smiley



In the aftermath of the 2003 Academy Awards, Max and Elena- he's an Oscar-winning writer/director-open their Holywood Hills home to a group of friends and neighbors, industy insiders and hangers-on, eager to escape the outside world and dissect the latest news, gossip, and secrets of the business. Over the next ten days, old lovers collide, new relationships form, and sparks fly, all with Smiley's signature sparkling wit and characterization.

With its breathtaking passion and sexy irreverence, Ten Days in the Hills is a glowing addition to the work of one of our most beloved novelists.

Hardcover all the way for me! The paperback cover could be any assortment of chick lit books.

Hardcover or Paperback?


  1. Anonymous6:11 AM

    Hardcover for me too! :-) r right about the Paperback.

  2. I kind of like the paperback... That bikini is cute!

  3. Hardcover works for me. Although when I read, I prefer the feel of paperbacks.

  4. I like the hardcover too.. Although, like Gerb, I prefer to read paperbacks. :)

  5. HARDCOVER - no contest.

  6. Anonymous7:19 AM

    I'm not crazy about either of them, but I like the hardcover the best.

  7. I like the hardcover, except for the stubble.

  8. Hardback cover!

  9. deifnately hardcover. and i agree with gerb
    i like reading paperbacks better
    the feel is a ton better

  10. Anonymous8:41 PM

    Hardcover for sure. Paperback is *yawn* like any other hundred chick lit books.

  11. I like the hardcover better, too!

    Diary of an Eccentric

  12. Anonymous10:44 AM

    Love the first one!

  13. Anonymous10:44 AM

    Oh, and I am a fan of the HC.

  14. veens- It's just so much more original don't you think!

    ladytink_534- I like the color palette of the paperback!

    gerb- I feel the exact same way. And actually i happen to have an ARC so it's the hardcover cover in a paperback! Best of both worlds!

    keri mikulski- Hardcovers are just so hard to hold :(

    s. krishna- For sure!

    bermudaonion- Yeah it's not going to win my favorite cover either!

    lenore- yeah, speaking of stubble, i hate it on the paperback cover of "A Bad Boy Can Be Good for a Girl"

    amee- Whoo!

    peacefrogirl14- I just don't understand why i would pay more for a hardcover when it's second choice for me ;P

    ann- Exactly, just replace the title and it's like 40 other books!

    anna- :D

    J. Kaye- I buy hardcovers sometimes but i really try not to!

  15. I think the hardback has more individuality. But I like hardbacks in general too.

  16. hardcover here, too, though i bet they think the paperback is more commercial and will sell more... great new feature idea, btw!

  17. alyssa- Yes, I agree it is original!

    Melissa-Thanks Melissa! Thought I'd mix it up a bit!


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