Sunday, December 21, 2008

Goals for 2009

I was tagged by Emily of That One Girl Emily to talk about some of my goals for 2009! So let's see....

1. Work on my comics! If you couldn't tell, I like to do little doodles like the ones you see in my blog header and profile icon and the one seen to the left. Last Fall I started a little mini comics trio and got the first two done but haven't gone back to it! I think it's because I got so busy with my job, I really want to finish it though! Come to think of it I had another one in the works too!

2. When it comes to my blog I'd like to reply to my comments sooner, the last few weeks it was sometimes taking me more than a week! I'd also like the find something to post about every Thursday morning. My blog is a little dead Thursdays until I get home and post my Booking Through Thursday posts!

3. I'd like to spend more time with my friends. It feels like we are all busy with our jobs and families and when I get home from work all i want to do it lay around! I want to make more time to hang out with people. It's so easy to just fall out of touch when we get into our new routines. It's so different from college when we would hang out all the time!

4. I've joined 3 reading challenges and I'd like to be able to finish them all! I picked them based on what I was already hoping to read in 2009, they basically fit to a t with I want to read so I hope I'm able to do it!

5. Read more books and buy less books! As you know I have a BIG problem with buying way more than I can read! I'd also like to try and start letting go of more books (points to self -> packrat)

So what are some of your goals for 2009? I'm not going to tag anyone but feel free to post your own response or answer in the comments!


  1. I'm all over #5. It's my main goal as well. I'm not good with resolutions though. We'll see. Oh, and I don't think I'll make my challenge for this year. I chose the 100+ books challenge thinking it would be easiest because I wouldn't have to choose particular authors or books to fit the parameters. I'm only at 89 and 11 books in two weeks? I highly doubt it.

  2. Anonymous4:37 PM

    Please share more of your comics with us! Your doodles are fabulous. Also, I'd love a peak at your TBR pile, because you do like to buy the books.

  3. I've joined a challenge too, hopefully I'll be able to live up to it, and I wanna get outta the house more. I'm a teenager for crying out loud.. lol


  4. Can I just ditto your goals 2 to 5? I also want to improve my book reviews. It's all a learning experience!

  5. I LOVE your comics! You're such a great artist, not to mention a great blogger...(:

  6. Anonymous1:38 AM

    I'm on board with the liking the doodles. They're cute. My goal for 2009? Live to 2010. Is that too high a goal?

  7. Anonymous3:30 AM

    Wow! i think i love the pics of the characers u post here... :) and i would love to read your comics in future :)
    I lvoe buying books too :) well! for 2009! I want to read more... and read a lot of vairety of books!

  8. #5 - Yes! :)

    My #1 - Create a better balance between my career and my family. :)

  9. Anonymous8:00 PM

    Love your 2009 goals! I am there with you when it comes to #3. As soon as the new year is underway, I'd really like to focus on that more.

  10. Thanks for sharing your goals everyone! And you guys are too sweet for the comments on my comics, hopefully that will encourage me to continue on my projects that have stalled out!

    Amee- I'd join the 100+ challenge but I think I'd end up that close too and then be all :(

    TruBlu93- I hear you, I'm a 25 year old for crying out loud! :D


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