Saturday, December 20, 2008

This Week In Books Or What's It Going to Be Next Week? Penny Books?!?


Got Hero Type from bookmooch!


In Your Room and Funny In Farsi came from bookmooch! Parties and Potions for possible review! Has anyone read the other books in the Magic in Manhattan series? How did you like them? Would it be best for me to start at the beginning of the series?

Wednesday: nothing


So I thought last week the sale at the library was good (25 cent books). Well this week it was even better, $2.00 bags! I just grabbed the books I wanted, I'm sure for my $2.00 I could have gotten even more! They must sure want to make room for some new books. A lot of these ex-library books must have just been pulled off the shelves recently- didn't see them before today!


These came for possible review!

Saturday: nothing

So what did you get this week? I stopped over at Borders last night for a gift card and book for some more gifts! Did you buy any really exciting book related gifts?


  1. Anonymous2:02 PM

    Wow, so many books! This week I received Is it Me or is Everything Just Shit?, Monster of Florence, and Trail of Crumbs.

  2. Uh, let me say I am 100% jealous of your library haul! I can never seem to get there soon enough to grab all the highly coveted books. How lucky!

  3. Wow! Easy and Perfect are both excellent books. Perfect and Easy are social issue books and I thought they were exceptionally well done considering the subject matter.

    Looks like you have your holiday reading all ready to go!

  4. I always wanted to mention how lucky you are to have such a great library sale. We have very, very few of those and when they occur, there are 300 people waiting in line ahead of me - most of them book resellers!!!!

  5. Nice!
    I just got one new book this week, and just now, for my book club- Surprised by God. Should be good! :-)

  6. Anonymous2:28 PM

    Oh my gosh! You must post a picture of your TBR pile. I got the package of 4 books from Running Press too.

  7. Oooh, I am envious of your library's book sales. My library has a pretty good selection for check out, but very rarely has book sales.

    Lucky you! You got a great selection this week.

  8. Lucky you, Alea! I love, love, love the Magic in Manhattan serie. They're cute, funny,'ll probably love 'em too! And boy am I jealous of your library's book sales! (;

  9. I wish my library had as many library sales.

  10. WOW! I always think i get too many books and then I see your piles and they put mine to shame! :)

    i'm so jealous of all the good deals you get!

  11. Anonymous3:04 PM

    I should definitely go to your house and raid it, I have your address and I'm not afraid to use it too! XD Or better yet I should hold The Debs over your head to get rid of some of those books on my wishlist~ but I won't since I'm too nice *draws a circle above of head* really, it's true, see my halo's right there :)

    really really tempted to hold it against you XD

  12. Anonymous3:31 PM

    Which book is that on the bottom? The red & white stripped one?

  13. Some of those library finds are QUALITY books! Whyever would they want to get rid of them?! :P Nice haul.

    And um, snow emergency declared for minneapolis, it's coming down SO heavy. yowzers.

  14. Good job!! I sometimes forget to check the sale books when I'm at library. I'll have to be sure to keep looking!

  15. Again, so jealous of your book haul. I got the Violet trilogy by Melissa Walker, which is exciting and so far really good.

    Your library must be amazing. The only books my library has for sale are like beat up ten cent copies of The Mill on the Floss.

  16. J Kaye Oldner- That striped book is Hero Type by Barry Lyga.

    Alea- Wow, that's a lot. I also got Parties and Potions this week too. Definitely read the first three books before this one. I'm not sure if it's necessary, but it wouldn't hurt. They're very cute, funny books.

    I also really loved In Your Room, and Nothing But The Truth. Gingerbread was an ok read.

    I'm gonna try and post my full Mailbox list tomorrow!

  17. I got The Smart One and the Pretty One (as you know) from Borders. I also got Rocky Road Trip by Catherine Clark from PaperBackSwap. And then Can You Keep A Secret?, Blue Bloods, Jemima J, and Shopaholic & Sister from the lovely Taren. I'm having trouble remembering when I got what so I might have got a few more books from a contest and then another friend, but I can't remember if that was last week or this week! haha

  18. That is a large tower of books.

  19. If you were down on Wednesday, I'm sure Thursday made up for it.


  20. I need to post the pile I came home's crazy!

  21. Thanks for reading my books!!! Julia DeVillers

  22. Once again I am terribly jealous of the books you got this week. I enjoyed both Diva and Peeps, I hope you like them too. I need your library sales here.

  23. Anonymous8:24 AM

    Whoa. That's one stack of books!

  24. Anonymous8:24 AM

    Oh.. wow... so many books. If you ever get tired of some of those books, let me know if I can take some of those off you. hahaha. xP

    Gosh I love your library. My local library doesn't hold much... and their books aren't in the greatest condition. Which is why I usually end up buying all my books.

    Well, enjoy all your books. Just don't read all week.. enjoy the holidays. =)

  25. Anonymous10:03 AM

    So many books! I wish my library had a great selection of books! Or even some book sales!


  26. Anonymous10:35 AM

    well I got a Paulo Coleho book as a gift this week :)
    But What a GOOD no of books :)! :) wow!

  27. OMG! I wish i could buy books for less money! You are one lucky ducky!

  28. towerofbooks- I like the title, Is It Me or is Everything Just Shit!

    Renay- I think they kept putting out more and more discarded library books!

    Tina- I think i have my reading ready for the next 5 years :P Wow- I have never seen that many people at a library sale!

    Marie- I need to get back to one book a week!

    bermudaonion- I thought that package was so cute!

    Shalonda- I just went to my local library (the one i get all these books isn't by where i live) and they actually had a lot of books I wanted to read. If only I didn't have my room of TBR piles!

    Bookworm- I'm going to try and find the first three in the series!

    Sarahbear9789- Yeah it's been a great month over there!

    The Story Siren- yes, this library is king! It's the main library of a huge city so that helps!

    Yan- I'm glad we lock our doors :P

    J. Kaye- I think Book Chic answered, Hero Type :)

    Liv- I have no idea why they get rid of them, maybe it's multiples and a year or so after release they get rid of a few copies?

    Beth F- It's insane what you can find!

    Taren- I love the Violet series!

    Book Chic- I'm definitely going to hunt them down!

    Amee- I'm so glad you enjoyed The Smart One and the Pretty One!

    Serena- Man I know!

    TruBlu93- :)

    Lenore- I hope you do post your pile! I'd love to see it!

    Julia- You are welcome, I'm looking forward to it!

    Zoealea- I have no idea how I got so lucky with my libraries!

    harmonybookreviews- I have no idea how it didn't tumble down!

    carmen alexis- My actual local library doesn't have much either. This library I go to every week is by my work in the city!

    rimasbookjournal- My actual nearby local library has them about once a year, so I'm glad for this other library!

    Veens- :)

    Amanda- I know, it makes it very hard to say no to!


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