Monday, December 08, 2008

Winter Movie Preview

So, as you know I really like movies, probably just as much as books! So I thought it would be fun to talk about a handful of new releases or upcoming releases I'm excited about from the winter season! 

Let Them Chirp Awhile (Dec 5th) TRAILER:

Let Them Chirp Awhile follows three twentysomething artists as they juggle their careers, relationships and emotions in New York City. Bobby (Justin Rice) is a struggling screenwriter who tries to get romantically involved with a woman by agreeing to take care of her dog. His friend Scott (Brendan Sexton III) is a depressed, womanizing musician with a sweet and innocent girlfriend while Hart, (Zach Galligan) Bobby’s nemesis, is a successful playwright whose campy play about 9/11 has won awards and a run at an off-Broadway theater. What begins as a quirky comedy about relationships and writer’s block becomes a coming-of-age tale about competition and self-reliance among the “me-generation.”

I've seen a few other movies from this gang and this one seems like it could be the best yet, definitely the best production wise!

The Spirit (Dec 25th) TRAILIER:

Adapted from the legendary comic strip, THE SPIRIT is a classic action-adventure-romance told by genre-twister FRANK MILLER (creator of 300 and SIN CITY). It is the story of a former rookie cop who returns mysteriously from the dead as the SPIRIT (Gabriel Macht) to fight crime from the shadows of Central City. His arch-enemy, the OCTOPUS (Samuel L. Jackson) has a different mission: he’s going to wipe out Spirit’s beloved city as he pursues his own version of immortality. The Spirit tracks this cold-hearted killer from Central City’s rundown warehouses, to the damp catacombs, to the windswept waterfront … all the while facing a bevy of beautiful women who either want to seduce, love or kill our masked crusader. Surrounding him at every turn are ELLEN DOLAN (Sarah Paulson), the whip-smart girl-next-door; SILKEN FLOSS (Scarlett Johansson), a punk secretary and frigid vixen; PLASTER OF PARIS (Paz Vega), a murderous French nightclub dancer; LORELEI (Jaime King), a phantom siren; and MORGENSTERN (Stana Katic), a sexy young cop. Then of course, there’s SAND SAREF (Eva Mendes), the jewel thief with dangerous curves. She’s the love of his life turned bad. Will he save her or will she kill him? In the vein of BATMAN BEGINS and SIN CITY, THE SPIRIT takes us on a sinister, gut-wrenching ride with a hero who is born, murdered and born again.

I LOVED Sin City (can't wait for #2) so you bet I will be seeing this one! I love movies with like 1,000 famous actors/actresses in it too. It's just fun to see them all work together!

Revolutionary Road (Dec 26th) TRAILER:

Frank and April have always seen themselves as special, different, ready and willing to live their lives based on higher ideals. So, as soon as they move into their new house on Revolutionary Road, they proudly declare their independence from the suburban inertia that surrounds them and determine never to be trapped by the social confines of their era. Yet for all their charm, beauty and irreverence, the Wheelers find themselves becoming exactly what they didn’t expect: a good man with a meaningless job whose nerve has gone missing; a less-than-happy homemaker starving for fulfillment and passion; an American family with lost dreams, like any other. Driven to change their fates, April hatches an audacious plan to start all over again, to leave the comforts of Connecticut behind for the great unknown of Paris. But when the plan is put in motion, each spouse is pushed to extremes – one to escape whatever the cost, the other to save all that they have, no matter the compromises.

This one looks so powerful, the trailer is just WOW! It will definitely be cute to see these two back together after so many years! I wonder if it will win an Oscar?

Bride Wars (Jan 9th) TRAILER:

Liv (Kate Hudson) and Emma (Anne Hathaway), best friends since childhood, are always there for each other, through good times and bad. Even their respective bridal engagements happen within hours. Together they plan their weddings, each to take place at New York’s ultimate bridal destination, the Plaza Hotel. But a clerical error and subsequent clash in wedding dates pits the two brides against each other in a competition that quickly escalates into all-out war.

This one just looks hilarious, Anne Hathaway is always great! The poster is so so sweet compared to what actually goes on in the trailer, it would have been funny if they were posing like that but looked like they had just been in a fight!

Paul Blart: Mall Cop (Jan 16th) TRAILER:

In Columbia Pictures’ comedy Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Kevin James stars as the title character, a single, suburban dad, trying to make ends meet as a security officer at a New Jersey mall. It’s a job he takes very seriously, though no one else does. When Santa’s helpers at the mall stage a coup, shutting down the megaplex and taking hostages (Paul’s daughter and sweetheart among them), Jersey’s most formidable mall cop will have to become a real cop to save the day.

When I saw the trailer for this movie I just couldn't stop laughing! It's definitely on the stupid side, but sometimes it can be done just right!

New In Town (Jan 30th) TRAILER:

Lucy Hill (Renée Zellweger) is an ambitious, up and coming executive living in Miami. She loves her shoes, she loves her cars and she loves climbing the corporate ladder. When she is offered a temporary assignment - in the middle of nowhere - to restructure a manufacturing plant, she jumps at the opportunity, knowing that a big promotion is close at hand. What begins as a straight forward job assignment becomes a life changing experience as Lucy discovers greater meaning in her life and most unexpectedly, the man of her dreams (Harry Connick, Jr.).

I know I'm going to get a kick out of this one!

Confessions of a Shopaholic (Feb 13th) TRAILER:

In the glamorous world of New York City, Rebecca Bloomwood (Isla Fisher) is a fun-loving girl who is really good at shopping-a little too good, perhaps. She dreams of working for her favorite fashion magazine, but can't quite get her foot in the door-until ironically, she snags a job as an advice columnist for a financial magazine published by the same company. As her dreams are finally coming true, she goes to ever more hilarious and extreme efforts to keep her past from ruining her future. Isla Fisher ("Wedding Crashers") stars in the film from producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director P.J. Hogan ("My Best Friend's Wedding"). The screenplay by Tracey Jackson, Tim Firth and Kayla Alpert is based on the books "Confessions of a Shopaholic" and "Shopaholic Takes Manhattan" by Sophie Kinsella.

Isla Fisher is a comic genius! Plus I really want to read these books!

Synopsises from except for Confessions of a Shopaholic which is from the official movie website.

What movies are you looking forward to this winter? 


  1. I hope Revolutionary Road opens in Wichita before I go back to Germany. I really want to see it!

  2. Confessions of a Shopaholic.. :) Love the series.

  3. Anonymous6:43 AM

    A couple of those look really good. (and some look really girly) :)

  4. I'm reading the first Shopaholic book now and love it! I can't wait to see the movie. Isla should make the perfect Becky. :)

  5. Anonymous10:06 AM

    I just finished reading Revolutionary Road, and I loved it. Normally, I hate it when I know which actor plays a character in a book I'm reading, but I could hear Leo DiCaprio saying Frank Wheeler's words, and it seemed to work. Can't wait to see it!

  6. Anonymous10:39 AM

    I enjoyed the Shopaholic books and don't think Isla Fisher is right for the lead.

  7. Anonymous11:08 AM

    I have seen the ad of Revolutionary Road
    I am so waiting for the movie myself!

  8. I just saw the trailer for Bride Wars. I really want to see it. Looks hilarious!

    Paul Blart looks like it could be good and highly amusing. I'm sure I'll see it.

    I was excited that Leonardo and Kate are back together again! So amazing.

    You know two of the other movies I want to see (desperaux and coraline). I'm sure there are more, but I'm blanking at the moment...


  9. Mall Cop looks good.I loved him on King of Queens.

    I have to see the new The Day The Earth Stood Still. The classic is one of my favorite movies.

    Didn't know Shopaholic was going to be a movie. I read the 1st book and it was very funnt.

  10. These sound good:
    Let Them Chirp Awhile
    Bride Wars
    Mall Cop
    New In Town
    Confessions of a Shopaholic


  11. Revolutionary Road — absolutely — and the other Kate Winslet, The Reader.

  12. I'm excited about The Spirit and Shopaholic, even though it seems pretty different from the book. Hmm...

  13. Inspired by your blog, I've been thinking of reviewing movies as well. Revolutionary Road looks so interesting to me.

  14. These look good, I'd want to see Mall Cop. I like that actor, he is so funny.

  15. Anonymous4:23 PM

    Okay, this is kinda embarrassing, but when I saw the preview for Paul Blart, I started laughing so loud that everyone in the theater turned around and stared at me like I was insane.

    I guess I just wasn't fully prepared for the comedic genius of Kevin James.

    Great website, by the way.

    Ben Esch

  16. Anonymous9:31 PM

    Movies? I haven't had time to look. :( That said, I did see TWILIGHT.

  17. I can't wait to see Marley and Me!

  18. Lenore- Oooh I'll cross my fingers for you!

    Keri- The trailer makes me laugh everytime I see it, it can't not be good!

    After The Blackbrid Sings- I KNOW! :P It was a bit girly. I guess I like a wide range of movies (i'll watch most anything that isn't horror, sports, or war) but this just happened to be heavy on the girly LOL!

    Amee- I think it's going to be great!

    Rebecca- Ooooh. That's good to hear! I need to make sure to get to theatre. These days I take so long the movies are gone by the time I'm ready to see them!

    bermudaonion- Really? That's not good to hear. :(

    Veens- It looks good doesn't it!

    Shooting Stars Mag- Bride Wars and Paul Blart do look hilarious! I just love funny movies.

    sharonanne- I don't know anything about The Day the Earth Stood Still except that it just came out. I'm a horrible movie buff right now :(

    TruBlu93- They do! :D

    Beth Kephart- I need to see the trailer of The Reader still!

    jessi- Really? I still need to read the book. Sometimes it's nice when they stand alone, better than it being only sort of the same but not really. I like when tv shows are made from books because they have to veer off into totally new plot lines because of the amount of content they need :)

    Charley- You should review them! I should write more than my normal one sentence reaction at the end of the month, lol!

    naida- It looks so so funny!

    Ben Esch- Hahah! I've totally done that. I sometimes have almost a scream laugh! The trailer totally caught me off guard too. I started watching it and said oh man this looks dumb and then it turned out to be so hilarious, I may have been crying from laughing so hard. Those are the best kinds of movies!

    J. Kaye- Oooh, how did you like it?

    Ladytink_534- That one looks cute too!

  19. Anonymous11:38 PM

    I was halfway through before I even warmed up to it. They did stick with the book, but it's hard to portray the emotion in the book to screen.

    It wasn't nearly as powerful as the book, but I guess that's true for most books. ;)

  20. Agreed! The movies can never be as good except in a few instances. I liked The Devil Wears Prada movie better than the book, less annoying :P


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