Saturday, January 03, 2009

This Week In Books Or Oops I Did It Again!

Saturday (night):

My friend knows me so well (this was a gift from her)! The day before I almost bought myself the calendar starring these angry little girls!

Monday: nothing


So I got done with work early and was going to go straight to my bus but ended up having about 15 minutes to kill so at the last second I decided to just pop into the library book store. Of course that had tons of new things!!!!! Has anyone read the Dating Game books? I was just going to get the first one but the rest looked so lonely being left there! And I've been told that I need to read The Handmaid's Tale for years now!

These were waiting at home for review!


Ok, so I went back to Half Price Books. It wasn't planned but I did go. My aunt wanted to go and wanted me to come with her- I swear! Several of these were only $2 so yay for that! I got the A-List because my sister gave me her other books in the series to read but we didn't have the first one! And look look the first book in the Mediator series! And Blind Submission! And a paperback copy of One Fifth Avenue!!!!

This came in the mail from the lovely Steph! Thank you Steph!

Before I heard about going back to Half Price Books I was planning on stopping back over to check out Borders's clearance sale once more after Shalonda told me about all the great new things she was finding on her second trip! Fortunately I only found one book and it was one I've had my eyes on for awhile now!

Thursday: nothing


365 AIGA Year in Design 29

So this was a complete surprise! I've gotten little tiny books from AIGA (The Professional Association for Design) with my membership but nothing this large or awesome! It's just a sweet book full of design- including some book covers!


Thanks to the very sweet Shalonda for sending me this book! 


  1. Anonymous2:15 PM

    Wow! You had a great week in books. Mine wasn't so hot.

  2. You are too funny!

    I see you bought The Au Pairs. I bought the second one (no, I haven't read the first one). It was on clearance and I couldn't help myself.

    Prey is pretty good. A little rushed at the end, but I like Lurlene McDaniel. And yay that you bought The A-List. I'm going to start these soon since I have a couple on the shelves!

    You had an awesome week! Now stay away from the bookstores!!!

  3. Nice list! Happy reading.

  4. I loved IT'S NOT EASY BEING MEAN....actually, I adore ALL of The Clique books: They're amazing! And I really want to read THE AU PAIRS but I thought it looked a bit trashy. Tell me what your thought, OK?
    What a great week for you!

  5. What a pile! That's so awesome. I really want to read Wondrous Strange. Lucky you have that one to review!!


  6. Wow, I loved Dedication! It's a great book!

  7. Pretty! I'm soooo Homer Simpson with a donut at this moment, drooling.

    The Handmaid's Tale is cool if you like sci fi that serves as a warning about uber religious societies, but not so cool if you like a good story or plot.

    Thanks so much for posting the link to our challenge! The icons are all Steph's doing. I just suggested she make one for Heaven. I really really really hope that as a secret participant of the challenge you do a not so secret post about the books every once in awhile. I'd LOVE your take on them!

  8. Major book week! Getting The Girl sounds like fun, and the Morganville Vampires series is so addicting.

  9. Can't wait to hear more about Dedication. I have read their previous two books.

    Enjoy your books!!!

  10. Another great week! You're so lucky in your bargain finds. ;)

  11. Nice! I just picked up a copy of Dead Girl Walking today.

  12. oh wow! another huge stack. i totally understand how easily that happens.

    where do you put them all?!

  13. When I look at your bookpiles I don't feel so badly about mine! :-) Hahahaha :-)

  14. Oh my goodness! So many books! (Great ones, too!)

  15. Anonymous10:48 AM

    It's amazing how you keep having these awesome book-filled weeks. haha. =)

  16. I just realized that part of your post title is a Briteny Spear's song! I was just staring at it thinking what does this remind me of XD

  17. Anonymous12:07 PM

    Great week in books!

    I got the Au Pairs too this week.
    You got many books that I've been really wanting to read!


  18. You definitely made me feel better about my huge pile :D

  19. How do you do it?

    How in the world do you do it?

  20. Looks like I got some good ones according to you guys! (thank goodness!)

    My mom has been joking that I'm going to have to start sleeping standing up! Whoops!

    I was hoping this week would be a little quiet book-wise but I already got 4 in the mail today! Who knows, maybe that will be all!

  21. Anonymous6:07 PM

    Totally awesome week! I have Elin Hilderbrand & Philippa Gregory on my list to read in 2009. :)

  22. You wacky girl! (Sorry I'm commenting so late!) Where do you put all these books??

  23. Avisannschild- They pretty much go wherever they land, in stacks mostly!


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