Saturday, January 10, 2009

This Week In Books or So Much For Cutting Back *eyeroll*


The Brightest Moon of the Century by Christopher Meeks

Plan B and The Debs came from Yan the awesome book fairy who let me mooch them! The Brightest Moon of the Century came from author Christopher Meeks and Flirting With Forty I won from Alyce at At Home With Books! Thank you!


Got this from bookmooch!


Got an empty envelope that was supposed to contain Sixteen and You, Maybe. Looks like it got ripped open in the mail on the way from a bookmoocher. *pout*


Got these from the library sale. Have you guys heard about the V.C. Andrews Challenge? Well I'm only a secret participant but I want to try and see if I can get anywhere with the challenge, so I'm going to start collecting the books!

I got What I Saw and How I Lied and Gamer Girl from my other book fairy Sharon! And Savvy Girl from another moocher!


So went back to the library, because I'm weak. The guy told me he was allowed to sell these ARCs, not sure if that's exactly true but I didn't argue. What can I say, I love paperbacks.

Got this in the mail for review!


I won this to review from Harper Teen over at twitter!

I broke my little promise of not going into an actual bookstore (library doesn't count) for a few weeks and headed over there with my friend. I thought the clearance sale was over but apparently it's still going strongly!


  1. an ARC of The Hunger Games?! I'm so jealous.

  2. Holy crap! You had an awesome week for books.
    I've taken on the VC challenge as well, I'm really looking forward to reading them again.

  3. Its funny, I made myself the same resolution - no going into a bookstore this year. So far, I have been twice - so much for the resolution!

  4. *sniff sniff* I will miss you book...Alea I want your library! My library never has awesome sales nor do they even have ARCs to sell! *pout*

  5. You should start with The Hunger Games. Still haven't finished, cause I am SUPER slow and can't sit still, but it is so good.

    I heard The A-List: Hollywood Royalty was good, actually better than the original series, so I may start reading these. And Savvy Girl sounds cute!

  6. Anonymous8:30 PM

    Oh my gosh! I cannot imagine where you put all of your books. You got some good ones, though.

  7. I haven't had a chance to start collecting VC Andrews. I mean, I could, but I'm trying to stay away from the used bookstore for as long as possible. Especially since the last time I went it was a major dent in my wallet. All my cash but like a dollar. lol

  8. What a spectacular week in books!

  9. Ah, I need The Hunger Games. What a great list!!! :)


  10. Oh... lots of good books. =D

  11. Anonymous12:24 AM

    WOW! You have some great ones though!

  12. That is an especially artistic arrangement ;)

  13. Mind if I ask how many books you own altogether? You know, just so I feel a little better about myself :P

    I don't blame you, though. Who can resist a sale?

  14. What a haul! I can see you are definitely cutting down ;-). I know, you're just collecting books so you can make a better maze through your house than I can.

  15. Anonymous9:12 AM

    it's amazing how you always get such a large batch of new books.
    what's your secret? haha. xD

  16. Lots of awesome books! Kiffe Kiffe Tomorrow is fantastic. And, of course, The Hunger Games rocks.

  17. I'm so jealous that you have a copy of The Hunger Games. And man, you do get a ton of books every.single.week!

  18. i don't know why i continue to be surprised with the tons of books you get... and yet i am every week!

  19. That is an awesome pile of books. I really am envious of your V. C. Andrews pile. I remember reading them years ago, but gave my books away. Maybe I should join in on the V.C. challenge.

    Have a good week and Happy Reading:)

  20. Thanks for not pointing and laughing too much!

    Yan- I'll take good care of them!

    Lenore- Thanks! I tried to do something a little special this week since I knew you liked them!

    Nymeth- Librarything says I have 1,080 books but that's not counting my books from childhood I still have

    Beth F- Book maze race!!!!!!!

    carmen alexis- My secret is that i'm crazy and a packrat.


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