Monday, February 23, 2009

SUBWAYStories: Tales from the Underground

Thanks to Sheri S. from Bookopolis who suggested this movie to me!

New York has a reputation for being a surprising city. But you won't believe the surprises that rock its foundations daily, and the adventures that await those who venture into its serpentine subway system. Subway Stories is ten movies in one, capturing the laughter, the fear, the sexiness, the strangeness, the money ??? and the lack of it ??? that every day shapes the lives of those who ride the subways of New York. From the young Wall Streeter who could make it rich to the con artist with a paper cup; from a love affair without words to a chance meeting where music is the only language; from being in the right place at the right time to the wrong place at the wrong time ??? it's a ride you'll never forget! Each story is helmed by a different acclaimed director, including Bob Balaban, Jonathan Demme and Ted Demme.

So, this movie has a very interesting premise. New Yorkers were invited to submit their stories from riding the subway and then 10 were turned into short films starring some very recognizable actors and actresses. Some stories are sad and other humorous. There is a great mix of emotions here.

Some of my favorites were "Underground", where a young man has his heart and face broken and is nursed and a little more by a sweet older women, "Honey-Getter" where a women asserts herself when I really didn't think she would, "Love On The A Train" which is about a strange relationship which I still cannot believe is a true story(!) and "Manhattan Miracle" which was surprising therapeutic to watch.

Because these are true stories they don't really have story arcs, they are more snippets of life not unlike other short films or stories. And it's really crazy to think that all of these are true. I ride a bus in a metropolitan area but don't see things nearly this crazy!

4/5 Stars
Watched via Netflix


  1. Cool beans! I've never rode on a subway, much less been to New York...but have read and seen it. This sounds super-interesting! Thanks for sharing this review with us!

  2. Glad you liked it :)

  3. I haven't seen this in so long! I can't even remember all the stories in it. I do remember some though. I'm very tempted to go out and rent it tonight (=

  4. This sounds great... no to mention at this time next week I'll be in New York (woot). Anyway, I just might rent to get in that New York state of mind. <-- I couldn't help it. :D

  5. This does sound like an interesting movie! I've been on a kind of subway in Atlanta but I bet NYC's are nuts!

  6. sounds like a great movie...too bad its not a book!

  7. This sounds like a really interesting movie, Alea, and this time I'm sure I haven't seen it before!

  8. the epic rat- Sure thing!

    Sheri S- Thanks for suggesting it!

    Mishel- Watch it again!!!!

    Nely- OMG how exciting! Have fun!

    Ladytink_534- Yeah some of the stories are crazy, it's hard to believe they are true!

    Serena- Hehe, yes it's a great movie!

    avisannschild- HAHAH! Are you sure :P


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