Friday, March 13, 2009

Awards Overload Or Who Did I Forget!

Thank you to everyone who threw a nod my way this week, it's so overwhelmingly kind! I'm sure I've forgotten someone and I'm so so sorry if I did!

Thanks to robin_titan, Dame Orchid, Khy and Stephanie for the I heart your blog award!

Thanks to Steph Su, The Story Siren, Shalonda, Sharon, Yan and Sarah for the Proximidade award!

Thanks to Steph Su for the Premio Darios award!

Thanks to Alyce for the Butterfly award!

Thanks to Liviania for the Your Blog is Fabulous award!


  1. Wow, that is impressive, being able to keep track of that so well. :)

  2. Holy cow! Of course, you deserve every one of those awards.

  3. jeez don't get why people love you so much. :P

  4. Wow!! That's some kinda blog love! Well deserved!

  5. everybody loves you, alea!
    congrats :)

  6. Yeah, there were A LOT of awards going around this week :)

  7. congrats on all your awards


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