Tuesday, May 12, 2009

BLOG TOUR: Waiting For You by Susane Colasanti (Top 10 Myths About High School)

Welcome to day 8 of Susane Colasanti's Waiting For You Top 10 Myths about High School Blog Tour!

Myth #8. Teachers gossip about students.

Oh, wait. That one is true.

Interview with Susane:

1. What is a typical day like for you?

One of the best things about being an author is that I don’t have to get up when it’s still dark out anymore. Yay for sunlight! I’ve never been a morning person, so I actually do my writing in the afternoon when I feel most productive. Mornings are mostly online time. I blog if I have some news to share (or if I just want to talk about some cute boy or cupcakes or whatever), check in at Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter, and respond to emails. I go to the gym about three days a week. I’ll definitely go if someone good is on The View, because that’s what I watch when I’m on the elliptical. My afternoon/evening work time is anywhere between four to eight hours, depending on where I am in the writing process.

2. How do you deal with writer's block? Or maybe you are lucky and never have it?

So far, I have not had writer’s block. I’m grateful to have lots of ideas for many more books. Sometimes I’ll try to incorporate too many ideas into one book, then have to decide whether to delete the scenes altogether or try to use them in another book. It’s cool when the latter happens. I just made a note to add a deleted scene from Take Me There to the current book I’m working on. I’m psyched that I can use it because it’s such a funny scene!

3. How do you name your characters? Do you ever name them after people you know?

I totally name my characters after people I know! That’s probably against the Rules for Writing Books, but I never got a copy of those so it doesn’t matter. Since When It Happens was my first book, most of its characters are named after my friends as a sort of tribute. Of course I only used their first names, though. At this point, I select my characters’ names from interesting names I’ve heard or I sometimes discover them during my research for a book. The main character in my fourth book is part Hawaiian, so I named her Lani. It’s a Hawaiian name meaning “heaven.” I thought that was pretty sweet.

Thanks for stopping by Susane!

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  1. I bet Susane's friends loved seeing their names in print. Nice interview.

  2. I wish she would have told us more about teachers gossiping about students!

  3. I have great memories in athletics - especially the road trips.

  4. I bet Susane's friends were happy. I want to know more about gossiping teachers :)

  5. One of my high school friends actually became an English teacher at my high school, so she found out who and what all the teachers used to gossip about. It was really quite fascinating!


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