Sunday, July 12, 2009


Here are some things I've come across in the last 3 weeks that I wanted to share...

Beautiful Creatures Trailer

Doesn't it make you want to read the book RIGHT NOW. Although I'm sure you felt that way before you even saw this trailer!

Shiver Trailer

Isn't this beautiful! I mean this stuff takes work! I'm super impressed that author Maggie Stiefvater made this herself. Gorgeous!

Forget Beach Reads. Darken Your Summer Days.

Cute little summer reading trailer from Penguin Young Readers. I'm totally not a beach girl so this made me laugh!

Burn This Book

I know a lot of people in the reading/blogging community are very interested in censorship and the thought behind it. Here's a book that was recently brought to my attention that might interest you on the subject!

Harper Studio:

Published in conjunction with the PEN American Center, Burn This Book is a powerful collection of essays that explore the meaning of censorship, and the power of literature to inform the way we see the world, and ourselves. Contributors include literary heavyweights like Toni Morrison, Salman Rushdie, Orhan Pamuk, David Grossman and Nadine Gordimer, and others.

In “Witness: The Inward Testimony” Nadine Gordimer discusses the role of the writer as observer, and as someone who sees “what is really taking place.” She looks to Proust, Oe, Flaubert, and Graham Greene to see how their philosophy squares with her own, ultimately concluding “Literature has been and remains a means of people rediscovering themselves.” In “Freedom to Write” Orhan Pamuk elegantly describes escorting Arthur Miller and Harold Pinter around Turkey and how that experience changed his life.

As Americans we often take our freedom of speech for granted. When we talk about censorship we talk about China, the former Soviet Union. But the recent presidential election has shined a spotlight on profound acts of censorship in our own backyard. Both provocative and timely, Burn This Book includes a sterling list of award-winning writers; it is sure to ignite spirited dialogue.

Antics In the Big Apple

Maureen Johnson is just hilarious. Enough said! And yes I still need to read this, what's wrong with me!


There is a really cool contest going on in Sarahland right now and it's interactive! You are supposed to upload a photo of a friend, family member anyone that you want to introduce to the world of Dessen holding up one of Sarah's books and why you want to introduce them to the world of Sarah Dessen and you can be entered to win two paperback sets of her books, one for you and one for a friend! Enter by August 1st!

Speaking of Sarah Dessen two of my lovely twitter pals helped me out when I was getting all confused about Sarah Dessen's boys. I've only read two of her books so this is mighty helpful! From Karen Healey we have this sweet flowchart! And from my blogger pal Mya this sweet Condensed Guide to the hottest of Dessen guys chart! You guys rule!

And finally Along For the Ride debuted at #1 on the New York Times bestseller list. Another book I loved, Dork Diaries also found a spot on the list as well! Congratulations!

Traveling to Teens website

There is now a Traveling to Teens website (the blog is still around but it's for participants only) for anyone that is interested in learning more about it! Go check it out! Authors and bloggers interested in participating can fill out forms to learn more and get in touch with the masterminds behind the project!

My Soul To Lose E-book

For those of you like me that are excited about Rachel Vincent's new teen series, starting with the book My Soul to Take it's exciting to find out a free e-book prequel has been released by Harlqeuin. Check it out here! I downloaded it yesterday!


  1. I am definitely getting Burn This Book! It sounds like a book all dedicated readers and I think all readers in general should have on their shelves. I bet the essays are really powerful.
    Thanks for spotlighting it.

  2. Whoa. That's a lot of great stuff.

    And that Shiver video is perfection.

  3. wow, lot's of great links! Burn this Book looks awesome, the Sarahland contest is super cool, and I love all those trailers :)

  4. Wow wow wow!! Super trailers super links. And I loved the Shiver video too.


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