Friday, July 03, 2009

Tiff, I Accept Your Challenge!

Tiff has challenged me (and in the process challenged herself making this list) to watch 9 great movies by October 9th! If I fail in this challenge I must send her a YA book that she hasn't read and I have a loved! But if I succeed then she will send me a book!

Here's the list!

9 great movies as decided by Tiff
[please note: Alea has seen almost every movie I have ever seen! It took me hours to find 9 that she hadn't!]

1. Away We Go
2. Before Sunrise
3. Before Sunset
4. Singin' in the Rain
5. Newsies
6. Avalon
7. Sunshine Cleaning
8. The Little Princess [one of my childhood faves!]
9. I saved the best for last... White Christmas - my all-time favorite movie :)

To join in the fun visit the I Dare You Challenge blog!

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