Thursday, October 15, 2009

Guest Post from Dina Nayeri, co-author of Another Faust!

Today I'm pleased to welcome Dina Nayeri one of the co-authors of Another Faust. I'm so excited she talks about the second book in their series, Another Pan! Thank you for stopping by Dina!

Another Pan and Facebook Fraud
by Dina

As many of you know, we have just finished writing Another Pan, the second book in Another Series, which will be released by Candlewick Press in fall of 2010. Like every book in the series, Another Pan is a retelling of a classic tale, set in modern-day Marlowe, featuring the dark spirit that continues to haunt the school (namely: Madame Vileroy).

In Another Pan, we give Madame Vileroy a new body, a new identity (even creepier than the first), and best of all, we reveal much about her past and how she came to be who she is.

But despite all that, my favorite thing about the book is one of the new characters: John Darling. From the start, I felt a very personal connection and empathy with John. He is a 13-year-old nerd with a desperation to belong, and he is deluding himself into believing that he is actually the coolest thing on earth. Of course, deep down, he knows the truth, but he can't help doing truly tragic crap to boost his social status. And his weapon of choice? Facebook.

Did you ever know someone like this? A person who uses their status updates and pictures and wall posts like a marketing campaign to sell an image that everyone knows is untrue? Unfortunately, I know one too many of this Facebook type. Somehow, their updates are nothing but bad-ass parties and drinks with hotties, when in real life, every time you drop in on them they're playing the Wii and eating cereal on the couch. Not that there's anything wrong with the Wii and cereal. I just want to know how you get from that to "Need tips on how to get into Angie's party at Cannes, STAT. Also, this mojito sucks."

The above is a REAL status update that appeared in my Newsfeed last may (when the Cannes Film Festival was going on in the south of France). Now, let's analyze it, shall we?

1) If you want us to know you're in Cannes, you can just say so, buddy. Go ahead, tell us. It's cool.
2) Do you really need tips? Which of your 400 elementary school friends and office mates is going to have a way into Angelina Jolie's party?
3) Why are you in Cannes on a random night during the film festival without plans? Do you really expect sympathy?
4) If you didn't get IN a party, then where did you get a mojito?
5) I don't think "Angie" throws parties at Cannes.
6) Are you sure you aren't watching this on TV?
7) Are you sure that by "mojito" you don't mean mint tea with cookies?

Right.... Thought so...

Stay tuned for more John Darling in book 2 of Another Series!!


  1. OMG Dina SO true!!! I know too many people like this. It also bothers me when people post tons of happy photos when I know how unhappy they are.

    So happy to hear you have finished book 2! Just gave Another Faust to a student about 10 min ago, she was totally exited to read it! And she even knew a little background on Faust! I was amazed.

    See you soon! :)

  2. What a guest post! I don't really see many cases like this but surely, it's sad. You can lie to people but you can never lie to yourself. I'm really interested in the new character. With him using Facebook as his weapon the book will feel close to the readers, I think.

  3. Superb guest post!


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