Thursday, October 01, 2009

This Year In Movies: September

This month I watched 6 movies. Not very good...

The Little Princess- Watched this for Tiff's challenge. I think I've seen it before, wasn't sure until I started watching. I haven't watched a Shirley Temple movie FOREVER!

He's Just Not That Into You- Liked this a lot more than I expected. Thought it would be your normal chick lit but it was more exciting than that. I love overlapping storylines and a great ensemble cast!

The Time Traveler's Wife- I had heard this was disappointing. But I rather enjoyed it. It wasn't as good as the book of course but I couldn't really compare them since I read the book several years ago so I couldn't remember many specifics. Never really cared for Erica Bana but I guess he was fine in it.

Yuva- I watched this for Mitali's challenge. Took me a few weeks to get through, didn't really like it.

Adventureland- I liked this movie. Thought it would just be ok but I really liked it! The soundtrack was great too!

Coca Before Chanel- Was excited to see this in the theater & not have to wait for dvd! Not my favorite Audrey Tautou movie by a long shot but it was interesting to see her take on a biopic. I don't think I would have enjoyed it as much if it was someone else playing Coco Chanel other than Audrey. Definitely makes me want to learn more about Coco Chanel.


  1. The Adventureland soundtrack WAS good! It was a strange movie though.

  2. I have seen Yuva and I liked it.. I get t.. you like romances right.. :) :)

  3. I still haven't seen TTW. Now I'll have to wait for the DVD.

  4. I would like to see Adventureland.

  5. I enjoyed The Time Traveler's Wife, but I haven't read the book. The friend I went with has read the book and she was disappointed in the movie.

  6. never read the time traveller's wife, but I did really enjoy the film. And I want to see Adventureland. i missed that in theatres...i can't wait for zombieland though. jesse is great.

    Oh, I meant to tell you about a film. It's called The Last International Playboy. I have a review a few posts back if you want to read it (I can email the link too...just let me know) but it's this indie film with Jason Behr (from roswell) and it's really good actually. i thought you might enjoy it.


  7. Have you ever seen the more recent The Little Princess movie? Recent being 1997 and it's retitled A Little Princess. I always liked it a bit more than the Shirley Temple version.

  8. The Chanel one looks great...I love fashion and Audrey Tatou is a great actress, so I'll probably check it out when it's on DVD.

  9. I kind of want to see the Coco Chanel one because the title is so much fun to say. (I am odd.)


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