Sunday, December 27, 2009

I Am Neurotic (and so are you) by Lianna Kong

Did you wash your hands?

Set the alarm clock?

Lock the front door?

Better yet: Do you like even numbers? Do you fold all of your trash neatly into squares? Do you count steps? Do you carry a bottle of hand sanitizer with you at all times? Everyone has his or her own neuroses. On a routine trip to the office bathroom, Lianna Kong discovered one of hers: "How could I possibly pee with my coworker sitting right next to me doing her business?" And, in that quiet moment of panic, was born.

i am neurotic (and so are you) is a smorgasbord of anonymous confessions that reveal people's deepest, strangest, and funniest compulsions—quirks that are triggered in the boardroom, the bedroom, and everywhere in between.

I had seen I Am Neurotic on a display shelf a few weeks back and thought it looked like something I would enjoy. Then later found out it was first a blog (I love the blog to book stories) and finally sought it out at the store recently. It was definitely what I had expected. I identified several of my own "quirks" in the pages of this book and other ones I had never considered!

It was a little funny and a little comforting to read this book. Finding out a lot of people have little things that they have to do, or notice to make their day go by smoothly. It's not usually something that comes up in conversation for me so it was nice to get a dose of some story swapping.

The format of the book is very small and it is perfect bound so it's a little hard to really open up and see all the photography without cracking the spine. A larger format or different binding would have made the book a lot easier to read. I loved the photos that were taken to go with the contributions. They were these sort of muted shots that aren't overly finished and I think they compliment the contributions nicely. My favorites are where you can see a person's face instead of a close up of a hand or something like that.

Overall this is the kind of book you will know in an instant if it is for you or not and i had a great time with it!

I Am Neurotic was released on October 13th

Genre: Collection, Based on a Blog
4/5 Stars
Purchased at Borders

i am neurotic blog
i am neurotic tumblr (has tons of sample pages)


  1. How interesting. Kind of a Julie/Julia situation, isn't it? (except, you know, without the movie starring Amy Adams)

  2. This sounds really good. I'll have to pick it up. Good review.

  3. Oh gosh, I bet this book would make my boyfriend and myself feel much better about our own habits, lol. Good review!

  4. Ooh, I would love this one! But it might frighten me because I am constantly beating myself up to try to overcome my own OCD.

  5. Hehe, I think this book helps you make light of your own habits. It definitely made me feel like less of a crazy reading it!

  6. I think this looks like a good one. I didn't even know it was a blog to book. Thanks.

  7. When I see a book like this, I wonder why I didn't think of the concept. It sounds like fun!

  8. I'd enjoy this because I know I'm a bit neurotic and always have been. Not to some of the extremes listed here though...

  9. I'm going 2 read this book!! N I luv ur blog!! But I just wanna mention that the book has the headboard of my bed!! <3


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