Sunday, January 10, 2010

Adventures of Meno: Book Two Wet Friend! by Tony & Angela DiTerlizzi



Tony DiTerlizzi is the #1 New York Times bestselling author and illustrator of the Spiderwick Chronicles, Kenny & the Dragon, and the 2003 Caldecott Honor Book The Spider and the Fly. He is also a #1 husband and father. Here he teams with wife and partner in publishing, Angela, to make sure every child gets his or her wish, especially if that wish is for a WET FRIEND!

This is the second in the Meno series and to me it's as great as the last. Sure there aren't many pages, not much content and it really shouldn't be used as reading tool for young children but for an adult with the right sense of humor and an appreciation for the illustration style this is definitely a series to be collected.

How can it be only for children when there is a David Hasselhoff joke! I think this is a case of the book being mis-marketed. I mean sure children CAN read it but I really think this is more for the adults. At first I thought it the series could be enjoyed by children and adults equally, but after reading others reactions and thinking about it, I think they are right that this isn't spot on for children. I think this is a group of adults out there (me included) that could really get a kick out of these though.

Adventures of Meno Book Two Wet Friend! was released on October 6th
Genre: Childrens
4/5 Stars
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Review of Book One

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  1. I would say a David Hasselhoff joke is definitely for adults.


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