Thursday, January 14, 2010

Handmade Nation Documentary

Handmade Nation documents the new wave of art, craft and design that is capturing the attention of the nation. It is the feature film debut of director, author, artist & curator Faythe Levine. Levine traveled to 15 cities and covered more than 19,000 miles to interview artists, crafters, makers, curators and community members. Today's craft world has emerged as a synthesis of historical technique, punk culture, and the DIY ethos, also influenced by traditional handiwork, modern aesthetics, politics, feminism and art. Director Faythe Levine captured the tightly knit community that exists through websites, blogs, and online stores that connect to the greater public through independent boutiques, galleries and craft fairs. Interviews were conducted on-location in artist studios, homes, boutiques, offices and craft fairs, giving the public an exclusive and rarely seen look into the lives of these creative individuals.

I followed the blog for the making of Handmade Nation a few years back and was excited to see the dvd had finally be released! It arrived, I popped it into the dvd player and sat back and took it all in.

I loved it, the interviews, watching people work, the craft fairs it was all great. It could have gone on for several more hours and I would have loved it, but unfortunately it's only a bit longer than an hour so that was a little bit disappointing. I know there are tons of other people that could have fit perfectly into this documentary. I'm going to take a guess by the amount of time that was taken to create this that the director could have kept going on as well. I would love to see a secondary documentary from her on the same subject.

For me it provided a lot of inspiration and also resources mentioned by the people being interviewed. There is screenprinting, glass work, shop owners (brick and mortar stores and online), knitting, and embroidery among others.

There was one odd moment when one of the people being interviewed staples her finger and walks around looking for a band-aid, it stuck out for me as being un-needed but overall I would highly suggest this documentary!

Handmade Nation was released on dvd November 3rd 2009.
Genre: Craft Documentary
4/5 Stars
Dvd purchased from Amazon


  1. Anonymous10:47 AM

    A few years ago, I had a friend who was big into crafting and craft fairs. She was a young mom of 4 stair-stepped children, so going to the craft fairs with her own mom was both a source of income and her only time away from her small children. I babysat a couple times and can tell you SHE NEEDED THE BREAK!

    I always find these knds of shows and DVDs to be fascinating.

  2. Pull up a pew... I nominated you for a Sunshine blog award. See the post here

  3. So, are you going to taking your felties on the road?

  4. Not being a big crafter I think I probably would have found the most interest in the stapled finger ;0)

    I am in awe of those creative and patient enough to craft such meaningful, beautiful and practical items. I would be the one stapling my finger.

  5. bermudaonion- I've thought of doing a craft fair in the past but never really had anything to sell! Me and some friends sold a zine at a zinefest in 2007 though!

    The Bumbles- LOL ouch! Honestly it kind of grossed me out! She was setting up her display at a craft fair and bam she stapled her finger!


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