Friday, February 26, 2010

Bookish 4

Here's some Bookish news straight from my InBox, it's been awhile!

Cathy's Book App

I still need to read Cathy's Book by The Perseus Books Group, but have always been intrigued by the multimedia approach to storytelling the authors have used. And now they have taken it one step further but turning Cathy's Book into an App for IPhones and IPod touches! I watched the demo and I gotta say I'm jealous! And it's only 99 cents! Check it out here!

Awesome Adventure!

This is something cool that Harper Collins Children's Books has brought to my attention to promote some of their upcoming Children's titles. You can browse inside the books, play games and watch video related content. Check it out here I love that Maryrose Wood's The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place was included, I've got my eye on that one!

A Book and A Chat

I love to listen in on some of the A Book and A Chat interviews done by Barry Eva. Currently he's featuring some Young Adult Authors and Bloggers that you might be interested in. I'm particularly interested in hearing Julia Hoban author of Willow on March 2nd! And what's great is you can go back and listen to all the past interviews as well if you miss them live but if you listen live you can call in or type in questions. Overall it's a very cool concept!


  1. I love that app! Thank you for sharing; I would have never found it!

  2. The app looks cool. I think you'll enjoy Cathy's book/key/ring - it's a brilliant series with cool things (in the hardback editions) which help you relate to the story. I loved it.


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