Wednesday, February 24, 2010


To those of us who don't live in New York City, it's our dream to one day call it home - - and to those who do, they always have great stories to share, just like the ones in this book. My First New York is based on a recent New York magazine cover story of the same name. Contributors include Danny DeVito , Ira Glass, Keith Hernandez, Amy Sedaris, Albert Hammond Jr., Andy Samberg, and Parker Posey, among many others. I for one cannot wait to get my hands on it!

Do you think you can give these contributes a run for their money? Share your memorable first New York experience in under 500 words or less and you could be selected as one of 5 winners to receive a finished copy of the book. The entries will be judged by a Marketing Associate from Ecco and myself. The 5 selected winner's entries will be published here on Pop Culture Junkie. Good luck!

Fill out the giveaway entry form here with your contact information and memorable first New York experience (in under 500 words).

The giveaway is open to addresses within the U.S. only.

The giveaway will end March 3rd at 6:59 pm Central Time.

The 5 selected winner's entries will be published here on Pop Culture Junkie and will receive a finished copy of My First New York.

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Visit the publisher's website for a full book summary.


  1. Darn, I've never been to New York!

  2. I'll be making my first trip in June. Bummer.

  3. Anonymous12:55 PM

    My first NY experience that I remember is walking the Brooklyn street that my grandmother lived on with my cousins and sticking these pod/seed/leaf things to our nose.
    My most memerable NY experience is my first Yankees game.

  4. I wish I could say my first experience was running into some celebrity, but no, mine is the fact my cab driver got beaten up. I guess he had cut off some people on a bike because the next thing I knew, we were at a stoplight and a strange man was banging on the passenger side window and screaming and kicked the side mirror off. The cab driver (who was no spring chicken) got out and the two began fighting while people gathered and two took pictures with their cellphones. Not maybe a postcard memory, but one I won't soon forget!


    Please enter me in the giveaway. I've never been to the big apple.

  6. Thrilled to have won a copy! I e-mailed you my info--thanks again!


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