Friday, March 12, 2010

Weekly Dose of Crafts

After finishing my scarf last Sunday I started in on one for my sister! This is a thinner fashion type yarn (that she picked out) but I stuck with the size 15 needles because I like the look it produced.

This week I pulled out my library card and used it for the first time in a few years! I checked out a bunch of books and dvds about knitting and crochet! One of the dvds, Learn to Knit Lesson 3 teaches the cable knit stitch, the first thing that is taught is a swatch which you can see below and next up is a scarf project! Can't wait to start!

I always thought knitting was so hard so I'm so brought that I've been able to do this! I'm also still determined to learn crochet so I can make amigurumi.


  1. How brave of you to attempt cables so soon! I waited until I had been knitting for about two years. Although, to be fair, my third project ever was a pair of socks.

    Do you know about Ravelry? It's a website that has a community of knitters and crocheters just waiting to share information. It's been described as "facebook for knitters." You can browse patterns or yarns, keep a log of your own projects, or see what kinds of advice you can get from the discussion boards.

  2. You're doing awesome! That cable swatch looks great! I can't wait until you do some amigurumi! You're a total natural!

    (I know every sentence has an exclamation point, but I'm excited about this!) :)

  3. look at you go! i want a lesson in that cable knit stitch!

  4. I am so impressed by your cable knitting! You rock!

  5. Very pretty! I'm impressed!

  6. Look at those absolutely beautiful cables! Wow. You are a total natural.

  7. Congratulations! The cables look great! It took me a long time after I learned to knit to attempt cables, but now I love knitting them (though I haven't knit in several months). My favorite thing to knit is socks. Are you planning to tackle them anytime soon? They're not as hard as they look. And I echo Michelle...Ravelry is awesome!

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