Thursday, April 22, 2010

Craft Stash Giveaway!!!!

Well, as you know I've been doing a lot of crafting lately, especially of the yarn variety and I love to share pictures of what I make. I also love seeing what others make so hence this giveaway, the Craft Stash Giveaway!!!! My book buying addiction has turned into a craft supplies buying addiction so I've got extra supplies I'd like to share with you! And the best part, head over to Ticket to Anywhere where Irish is co-hosting this contest with me and you can win a totally different set of supplies! Join the craft craze! The giveaways are crochet and amigurumi centric but use the supplies however you like!

The craft stash includes:

-Crochet Today! (May/June 2010 issue-including 6 amigurumi patterns from Ana Paula Rimoli author of Amigurumi World and Amigrumi Two!)
- 2 crochet hooks (3.75 mm and 4 mm)
-8 small skeins of worsted weight cotton yarn (red, bright blue, yellow, bright orange, black, light purple, tan, and off-white)
- Small pouch of Polyester Fiber Fill
-Small pouch of sequins
- Small pouch of assorted buttons
-Small pouch of assorted beads
- 8 9mm black safety eyes
-1 skein of black embroidery floss (to make faces)
- 3 small pieces of felt (peach, white, light pink)
-6 row markers
- 1 plastic needle

(and yes I actually already had all of this except for the magazine and crochet hooks- ADDICTED!)

Here's how to enter to win the Craft Stash Giveaway!

Fill out the giveaway entry form here.

The giveaway is open to addresses within the U.S. and Canada only.

The giveaway will end May 6th at 6:59 pm Central Time.

**Prize provided by me**

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