Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cinderella retold by Beth Bracken and illustrated by Jeffrey Stewart Timmins

Capstone Publishers:

Cinderella's wicked stepmother won't let her go to the ball. But with a little help from a Fairy Godmother, she'll be getting there in style. There's just one catch. At midnight, her magical gown will turn back into dirty old rags.

Like Rapunzel, Cinderella is illustrated by Jeffrey Stewart Timmins and he shines here as well. I especially loved how he treated the women's hair and silhouettes in Cinderella. He has again used watercolor to create these beautiful washes of color but small details too. Thought again I would have wished the speech bubbles be hand drawn.

I love the story of Cinderella and with the addition of Jeffrey Stewart Timmins's illustration this is a winning rendition. Like the other Capstone offerings from the Graphic Spin line in the back of the book you will find a history of the fairy tale, discussions and writing prompts. Cinderella is a reading level of 2.1 or I.

Cinderella was released on September 1st 2009
Genre: Childrens Graphic Novel
4/5 Stars
Review copy provided by publisher


  1. I love retelling of fairytales. Always searching for that something different yet familiar.

  2. I love the classic fairytales... renditions or otherwise :)


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