Sunday, May 02, 2010

Musing on a Craft Fair

Yesterday I got the chance to go to a local craft fair, something I wish I could to do far more often. I had been to the same one about three years ago and this is the second time I attended. The first time I went it seemed more crowded vendor and shopper wise but I might just be remembering it differently. There were a lot of people selling notecards, children's clothes, jewelry and posters/prints. I was interested in seeing what others were selling in comparison to my own crafty interests in case some day I decided to have my own booth!

I saw about 2 people selling yarn, maybe 1 person with knit pieces (I wonder if this had been a winter show if there would have been more?) a few booths with plush dolls, only one with what I would call felties, two with embroidery, one which happened to be very cute kits and only one with crochet amigurumi. I felt like the last time I went I found more of interest but again, this was awhile ago and my first time at a show like this. The people were very nice and fun to talk with, sharing information about how they create their pieces and such.

Overall it was a fun day and I spent about $20 all at one booth for Fantastic Toys which was by far the best booth there. (Everything in the photo except the owl postcard and noodleroll business card is from Fantastic Toys.) I love events like these because I always leave really happy and inspired. Wish they happened more often!

If you have experiences with craft fairs either as a shopper or vendor I'd love to hear them! I'm also considering starting an etsy shop so yeah would love to chat with some crafty people!

Thanks to Irish who mentioned she'd love to hear about the craft fair!


  1. sounds like a fun time! thanks for posting. =)

  2. i suck for missing this. hope you had fun!

  3. Dajana- LOL you kinda do but that's ok now you get to see what I got! Ask Matt what he got too, he got some sweet stuff!

  4. OMG that little mushroom....soooo cute! Thanks for sharing :D


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