Monday, June 21, 2010

"New girl who moved into dead girl's house..."

And we are back with a roundtable of Pretty Little Liars episode 2: The Jenna Thing! I have the first part this week so be sure to visit Carol and Khyrinthia for parts 2 and 3!



Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily all thought that Ali was sending them those mysterious texts, but since Ali is found dead, now they're wondering who is threatening them with their secrets. It gets worse when the sudden appearance of Jenna causes them to remember what happened a year ago.


Alea: My favorite scene was Ezra and picking up Aria in the rain. I thought it was beautifully shot and I loved how there was only music and no dialogue. It seemed like it was from a movie.

Khyrinthia: That scene creeped me out. He just happened to by driving by?

Carol: I agree with both of you. It was both creepy and hot at the same time.

Alea: Yeah, I guess maybe they both hang around the Hollis campus! I knew you would not like that one Khy!

Khyrinthia: And he was at the theater? STALKER.

Carol: Right, Khy! Maybe he put a tracking device on her or something so he can know where she is all the time.

Alea: Yeah that scene was kind of odd but I don't think he was really stalking them, it was very awkward though. Did you guys catch that scene, something about a Brad Pitt joke, that totally went over my head, did you get it?

Carol: I didn't get the Brad Pitt joke. It was so odd.

Khyrinthia: I saw that! that was weird. Who cares about Brad Pitt nowadays?

Carol: LOL. Only the orphans who want to be adopted!

Alea: Ok glad it wasn't just me! I don't even remember what scene it was from now!

Carol: Any scene Jenna was in was very awkward.

Khyrinthia: Yeah, they're trying to make her too creepy. And she was the main character in SPECTACULAR! so I was hoping she'd break out into song.

Carol: You and your musicals Khy. xD

Alea: I feel like she's watching them but she obviously can't be since she's blind! She was in Spectacular, oh that's too much!

Khyrinthia: Pretty Little Liars: The Musical would be interesting...

Carol: and funny

Alea: Did you notice Aria got a new phone, the others might have as well. It's one of the shows advertisers or something. I forget the name of the phone but it's a little square and the way the text messages pop up is sort of ugly, in those round bubbles.

Khyrinthia: The Kin? I hate those commercials. At least the product placement isn't as bad as Vampire Diaries!

Alea: Haha!

Carol: I fast-forwarded through all the commercials. Thank you whoever invented DVR's!


Khyrinthia: The To Kill a Mockingbird scene completely distracted me. Isn't Ezra supposed to be a challenging teacher? These kids aren't freshmen, why are they reading TKAM?

Khyrinthia: And I'm pretty sure I answered the same innocence in TKAM question in 8th grade.

Alea: Yeah I think we read that a lot earlier than 11th grade too.

Carol: We never read it. My school wasn't the best.

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  1. Lol, I love this. :)

    *rushes off to Carol's website*

  2. I love this too!!!!
    And I cringed through the whole Ezra-Aria-mom-movies scene. Awkwarddddd...

  3. Gosh I love this too! I've already mentioned this, but you guys are really funny. Hmm I definitely agree about the Aria/Ezra scene hot, but kind of creepy. And yeah we read TKAM in 8th grade haha! (:

  4. Love these little recaps/discussions.

    With the Aria/Ezra scene in the movies I was almost thinking that the plan was for Aria & Erza to meet up. Its not a theater or movie that anyone at school would see them at so a good dateish thing for them. And then that got ruined as Aria's mom decided to tag along with her. Which then made their meet up plans all awkward.

  5. I think I get all the To Kill a Mockingbird plugs...isn't this the 50th anniversary of the book? Could be the reason for all the promo of it.

  6. I love this! But some parts in this show are very, awkword to say the least.

  7. LOL, cool review of this episode!

    I liked the Ezra/Aria/car/rain scene, too. Very pretty. Would have been romantic, if hadn't bee, you know, her english teacher. XP

    Also, LOL at Carol for "We never read it. My school wasn't the best."


  8. So glad you guys are enjoying these!!!!


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