Monday, July 19, 2010

"Do you need me to tweet it to you?"

This week we are discussing episode 6 of Pretty Little Liars, There Is No Place Like Homecoming. Make sure to visit Carol and Khy for the rest of the chat!


Pretty Little Liars: "There's No Place Like Homecoming" (Episode 6)


When Emily decides to bring Toby as her homecoming date, she soon finds herself in a possibly sticky situation with Toby and Maya; and at the same time, Aria is broken over her hidden-relationship with Ezra. Meanwhile, the girls must face a heartbreak, a boyfriend's virginity and some disturbing information about Toby that could make this homecoming a unforgettable night. (Wiki)


Can I share worst scene? The one where Sean was fake trying to talk the girl into sex was O_O

Alea: HAHA!

Carol: Lol yeah that was so...odd

Alea: I liked A's messages this week, the fortune cookies and the tarot card! They are finally getting a bit more creative!

Carol: Yes and they're better worded, too.

Khyrinthia: The messages were much better! I think it's always creepier when they don't show up on a phone or computer. Makes me wonder how A is getting the messages to them

Alea: Yes like that they just walked by and maybe brushed shoulders with A!

Carol: Totally, it makes A more real and creepy cus you don't know just exactly who it is.
Lucy Hale said in an interview that they want to keep the book fans guessing so they made some changes. I'm not so sure it will be whoever it was in the books.

Alea: What did you think of Toby's tattoo? I like they are going away from just making Jenna and Toby creepy and hinting more at their secret.

Khyrinthia: The scene where his tattoo was first revealed was kinda odd. Like his shirt's riding up just enough? xD

Alea: Yes, totally very staged looking. Do you think the tattoo is really what they think it is, the date of Ali's disappearance?

Carol: Yes, all throughout the dance his shirt is long enough but then at that scene it rides up.

Khyrinthia: No, probably some random thing.

Carol: I think the tattoo is something else. Maybe Jenna is holding something over his head because they're step-siblings?

Alea: Yeah she seems more in charge on the tv show. What did you think of Melissa's hair during the Homecoming scene, I thought it was hilariously big!

Khyrinthia: Her hair looked horrible! That's all I noticed in those scenes. xD

Carol: Bride of Frankenstein!

Alea: It was like an 80s flashback or something! I really liked the ending! I guess we are supposed to think Emily is going to get killed, but we know better! But does A actually know who's going to bite the dust? Very fun, they have had some great ending scenes on the show!

Carol: I wonder who is supposed to die.

Khyrinthia: Aria and Ezra in the booth was awkward. Do you think they're going to make her keep chasing him?

Carol: I hope that in the next episodes they aren't lusting and wallowing over each other.

Alea: That's a good question, in that interview you sent me Khy it makes it seem like he'll be sticking around longer than in the books. But this episode also left it open to the possibility of what happens in the books, her going out with someone else....

Khyrinthia: I like Aria/Sean better. Sean and Hanna are so awkward together

Alea: I really like Aria's personality! It will be interesting to see where they go with her!! And did you notice when Emily slapped Toby it made him bleed? Either she caught him with a ring or something was messed up there.

Carol: Well Sean goes better with Bella or a girl cutout since he's so boring. But Aria should go out with someone different. I think it was either a scratch slap or they messed up.

Alea: Yeah I was like what? Why is he bleeding?!

Khyrinthia: He bled?

Carol: Yeah on his left cheek.

Khyrinthia: I don't remember that. Guess that shows how much I care. Blood gets my attention, I don't think there has really been blood on the show yet has there been?

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  1. Um, I'm pretty sure he bled because he was shoved into a glass cabinet thing and it broke.


  2. Maddz- He was bleeding before he hit it though... so maybe it was a mis-timing thing?

  3. Yeah, maybe they filmed that before and then had to re-do it and they forgot to un-bloodify his cheek or something. Oh, well, LOL



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