Monday, July 12, 2010

"Put something in your mouth besides your foot."

This week we are discussing episode 5 of Pretty Little Liars, Reality Bites Me. Make sure to visit Carol and Khy for the rest of the chat!



Alea: Yes I liked...

Carol: bad ones?

Alea: "Put something in your mouth besides your foot."

Khyrinthia: "Have a buttercream" was the best.

Alea: Spencer said something about Toby pulling off squirrel heads or something, that was kinda funny too.

Carol: "Do you like the color?" when Jenna "feels" Hanna staring at her.

Khyrinthia: I feel like they are trying to make the Jenna scenes creepy, but they're really just funny.
Like with that quote.

Alea: Totally.

Carol: Yup.


Alea: I thought overall the episode was one of the weakest yet.

Khyrinthia: Boring episode, needs more Mona and A.
And Tennis Boy!
He has nice hair.

Alea: I want something really shocking, that gives me the chills!

Carol: Agree with you Khy. And no more Ken.

Khyrinthia: Shocking, yes!

Alea: We need more action and less talk!

Carol: More messages (that are better worded), more stalking, and more drama.

Alea: Yes!

Khyrinthia: More non romantic relationship drama, I hope.

Carol: Yes.

TUESDAY: There Is No Place Like Homecoming (Episode 6)

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  1. Haha loved the lines you guys picked! I agree that it wasn't the best episode. Hehe I wouldn't mind seeing a little more of tennis boy though. Can't wait for tomorrow's episode.


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