Monday, July 26, 2010

"Smile for the peasants"

This week we are discussing episode 7 of Pretty Little Liars, The Homecoming Hangover. Make sure to visit Carol and Khy for the rest of the chat!



Khy: Lucy Hale (Aria) says A won't be the same person as in the books!

Alea: I'm wondering if the show will condense A into one person instead of 2 like in the books? So maybe A will only be the second A from the books?

Khy: Hmm, maybe, but they do have the rest of the season to fill, so? They've got 12 more after the finale, so what else would they discuss?

True, maybe we'll get as maybe A's as season lol! Guesses on who A might be on the TV show?

Khy: If it's Jenna...ugh.

Yeah that would be kind of stupid I think. If it's Lucas I would cry. But Lucas might actually make sense.... no can't be him!

Khy: Nooo don't curse it!

Carol: I'm not sure it could be Lucas.

Alea: Can we agree it's not Toby though, the last episode definitely made it seem like he was dead, what do you think? Is he dead?

I hope not! I like him/Emily better than Emily/Maya-- Maya is so annoying on the show!

Carol: Maybe Toby is in the hospital? Hopefully he isn't dead; I liked him! And yes, Maya is so annoying!

Alea: You hope he's not dead or you hope he's not A?

Hope he's not dead. Not like Emily would date him now anyway, but eh.

Alea: Maya is sort of needy in the books and on the show I think. I want to know what his tattoo means still!

Khy: Me too!

Carol: Same here!

Alea: I like how they are making the show stand on it's own from the book, keeps us that have read the books on our toes, not sure if I like having a new A though. The reason better be good!

Khy: It better!

Carol: Hopefully it won't be cheesy or the obvious person.

Khy: What do you think of Sean/Aria? So much better than Sean/Hanna

Alea: I like that Aria put him in this place instead of being like oh ok let's do this. So if/when they do get together it won't be as stupid... i think? I don't know what i mean.

Khy: I think I get what you're saying. xD

Carol: I still find Sean a bit boring, but maybe it's because he's with Hannah? I'd had to see him interact more with Aria before I can tell who he's better off with.

Khy: I'm surprised the Golden Orchid thing has not come up again. In the book that was a big deal!

Alea: Yes you are right, bizarre!

Khy: Only one mention since it happened, right? And that was 2 episodes ago-- do you think they'll bring it up again?

I thought this week they said something about being photographed for the paper, it just keeps getting mentioned in passing, it seems like it might be over. O_0

Carol: Yes, Hannah mentioned that she knew Spencer plagiarised and her parents knew and still let her be photographed and that was it. I wanted more drama to come out of that!

Khy: Weeeird.

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  1. I wonder how long they'll try to draw out the whole A thing. Will they make a reveal this season with a potential different A next...or maybe try to keep the same A for a couple of seasons.


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