Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Weekly Dose of Crafts!

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This week I worked a little bit on everything and started a few new projects. Always a fan of Attic24 projects I was interested in her "Lucy Bag" reading through the raverly forums one crocheter decided to make it as more of a basket instead of a bag and I thought that sounded like a perfect idea! I ended up using some Lily Sugar 'n Creme Cotton I already had so the colors aren't my best.

Here is the yarn I used:

Country Red
Hot Orange
Hot Green
Light Blue
Country Mauve
Rose Pink?

Sunday I hit up the craft stores to take part in a few sales, I went to different locations than I usually do and fell in love with the texture of Red Heart's Moon and Stars. I didn't end up buying any that day because I had no idea what I could make with it and I'm trying not to buy yarn without a purpose. I found some great options, blankets, hats, socks and then I realized I was wearing a pair of slippers that feel not unlike the yarn I had just be lusting after and that's when I realized the yarn had the potential to be perfect for the slippers I made awhile back. So I went back the next day and got some colors!

Turns out I was right! Since the yarn is sort of fuzzy you really can't see your stitches when working with it but since I had done the pattern previously I made it through by sort of blindly stabbing into the yarn and they are so so so comfortable, much more comfortable than the yarn I used the first time around. So far I've only made 1 slipper.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before my Crochet Today is my favorite crochet magazine by far, it's bi-monthly and I knew the new issue should be arriving soon and it came yesterday! One of my local yarn stores also called yesterday evening to say the colors of Berroco Comfort DK I had ordered about 2 weeks ago had come in so guess where I went this morning!

I also got some more yarn for a scarf and hat pattern I had been searching for some yarn for. I had been hoping to pick up two worsted skeins to match some I already had for another scarf I underestimated how much yarn I would need for, but they didn't have the color, oh well! It's not like I don't have enough to work on now!

Now that I have all the yarn I wanted for my next blanket I've really begun thinking about what I want to make. Originally I was going to make another granny square blanket but decided it might be more fun to try something like this! But with black instead of white and make it into a blanket! What do you think?

Happy Crafting!


  1. I love that basket! I crocheted a purse once and never thought of making it bigger to be used as a basket. Very clever.

  2. That's a great basket! I wish I had a few more crafty bones in my body lol.

  3. The basket is awesome, but I just love the slipper!!

  4. The circle in a square is always a fun pattern. You should do it. =) I also think that the black would be a good choice in place of the white.

    Love the yarn for the new slipper. I will make them. One day. Must get through all my planned blankets first.

  5. Anonymous3:32 PM

    YAY! So glad that you did a post, I was wondering if you were going to today, I kept checking back.. lol..

    That basket is awesome, I am going to have to check it out! And your slipper socks turned out really good.. I tried making socks one day but they are a little too advanced for my crocheting skills right now.. Maybe down the road. =)

  6. Anonymous3:39 PM

    P.S. Just signed up for the Crochet Today magazine.. =)

  7. Love everything, but you already know that! The basket turned out great!

    Trisha, you will LOVE Crochet Today!

  8. The basket is gorgeous! Hey it looks so much like my basket, only 1000 times better. I love the colors.

  9. Loooovveee that basket!! I want one! heheh

  10. Cute shoes. I want a pair. LOL.

  11. Glad you guys like the basket! I want to make a smaller one too!

    Trisha- Hope you love CT!

    Vinita- Yours looks a lot stiffer mine only gets its shape from the yarn lol! I wish mine was like yours!

  12. I love the slipper. The basket is very nice also.

  13. Fantastic projects!
    I like the idea of making the motif pillow into a blanket.
    I'm soooo bad with weaving in ends when it comes to squares and


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