Thursday, October 28, 2010

Flash Your Stash 3

It's time to flash your stash a monthly meme hosted by Tami

I'm going to be a little more informal with my post this time around (No awesome lettering :( )
This yarn is for my three in progress (sort of) afghans/blankets. From left to right: Ripple, Summer Garden Granny Square, African Flower Hexagon Blanket. And why yes you can see some of those blankets in the background!

Here is some of my new yarn on the left (LYS sale purchase) and right (Smiley's Yarn online order) and in the middle are some of my smaller WIPs and their yarn.

Here is yarn that for the most part is attached to projects (go back to last Flash Your Stash for specifics) and my new Bernat Mosaic (obsessed!) and a few other things I've purchased in the last month. 

Here is my bulky yarn, the fun fur my Aunt gave me that is turned into a giant mass and I am currently untangling, oops! And some other yarn from finished projects or discarded yarn from projects and other random stuff.

This is the yarn that I currently have in a dresser drawer, the stuff in the plastic bags is all cotton (was trying a space saving technique with that lol) a lot of worsted and some sport for amigurumi and other random stuff that was used or discarded from projects.

Like Tami I'm hoping not to buy a lot of yarn til I use some of this up but sometimes that's hard haha! I do have my eyes on KnitPicks....!

1 comment:

  1. Every time you flash your stash, I'm always so in love with the colors! I can't believe all of that fits in bags and one drawer! That's a lot of yarn.

    We definitely need a stash busting project or two.


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