Sunday, October 17, 2010

This Week In Books and a Book Festival!

 Yesterday (Saturday) I went to a local book festival! I had heard about it the last 2 years but somehow didn't make it, but this year I did and I'm glad I went! More below.


Ten Ways to Be Adored When Landing a Lord by Sarah MacLean (Just Showed Up Review Copy) YES!!!!


Across the Universe by Beth Revis (Requested Review Copy) YES!!!!!
Bright Young Things by Anna Godbersen (Purchased at Borders)
Trash by Andy Mulligan (Just Showed Up Review Copy)
The Defense of Thaddeus A. Ledbetter by John Gosselink (Just Showed Up Review Copy)
Violet in Bloom by Lauren Myracle (Just Showed Up Review Copy)

Wednesday: nothing

Thursday: nothing

Friday: nothing


So Saturday I went to my first local Book Festival finally! There were author signings, booths, panels and all sorts of other fun things! I started my morning off meeting a few bloggers at a nearby coffeeshop (I'm not going to name names because well, I'm feeling lazy!) So here is a little recap from me!

We headed over to the Festival and there was Alexander McCall Smith right when we walked in! I figured there was going to be a giant line but only a few people were waiting so I got a book signed, I totally freaked out! I checked out most of the booths said Hi to a few people I had met before, petted a cover of a book I had done with was on display in one of the booths and ran into another blogging friend.

Then started the panels. I went to 3 panels which were:

The Changing World of Publishing which Sheila of Book Journey (who I met that morning) was on the panel for. I enjoyed the discussion between the authors and publishing people and Sheila the resident blogger!

Jeffrey Zaslow and 2 of the Girls from Ames. I really enjoyed his talk, he was rather funny. I remember seeing The Girls From Ames when it first came out and I finally got it!

Local Comics, this was the first panel I saw that I had wanted to go to, we have a great comics scene around here I think so this was another great panel!

My friend joined me for the comics panel and then we browsed around some more, had a sit down with a snack and then I was on my way home!

The Sunday Philosophy Club by Alexander McCall Smith (Purchased at Book Festival and signed by author)
Lutefisk Sushi Vol D (Purchased at Book Festival)
The Last Good Place of Lily Odilon by Sara Beitia (Purchased at Book Festival)
The Sky Always Hears Me and the Hills Don't Mind by Kirstin Cronn- Mills (Free at Book Festival)

The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch with Jeffrey Zaslow (Purchased at Book Festival and signed by co-author)
The Girls from Ames by Jeffrey Zaslow (Purchased at Book Festival and signed by author and 1 of the girls)
Fables: Legends in Exile by Bill Willingham (Purchased at Book Festival and signed by author)
Fingerprints by Will Dinski (Purchased at Book Festival and signed by author)
Modern Day Gypsy by Gypsy Brown (Purchased at Book Festival)

Dark Water by Laura McNeal (Just Showed Up Review Copy)


  1. Wow the book festival sounds like it was a lot of fun! And so many pretty signed books.

  2. I cannot believe you bought a book about lutefisk sushi! Lutefisk is so GROSS! Regardless, it was great seeing you at the festival :)

  3. Liz- LOL, it's actually a local comic collection that I've been trying to get the last few years and I always remember after the party or when there are no copies left! So I got one this year!

  4. Ooh, amazing books this week! =D Enjoy!

  5. Anonymous2:07 PM

    A book festival would be so much fun! AND you got a ton of super cool books to read as well! YAY! Great post! I look forward to your next one! My IMM is here:

  6. you're so lucky!! i want a hard copy of sarah maclean's book. i downloaded it from netgalley but it's so humbug reading it on my computer. and i'm dying to read across the universe. enjoy :)

  7. Great books and a great time! I can't think of a better way to spend the weekend.

  8. Niiiice!! I'm sure the festival was super fun!

    I'm very interested in reading Anna Godberson's new series!

    I hope you abso adore your new books! :)

  9. It was really fun to meet you at the book festival! I am looking at your books you picked up thinking "wha... where did you get that one? I didn't see that!"


  10. I didn't even know Bright Young Things was out! I'm definitely going to have to get myself a copy, but I think I'll be reading Splendor first. It's been sitting on my shelf for nearly a year!

    The new Sarah MacLean book! AHHHH! That one looks SO AWESOME. I majorly adored 9 Rules to Break.

  11. Anonymous6:25 PM

    I can't wait to get Across the Universe and Bright Young Things. Great haul this week! Enjoy! Megan @ Read It, See It

  12. So jealous of the signed Fables book! (I mean that in a good way) Sounds like a great festival!

  13. Hooray for book festivals! And you're going to follow it up this weekend with Kidlitcon! So jealous

  14. Really wish I could have joined you all at the blogger meet up. Family event kept me home. Hope you do it again some time.
    I read the MacLean on my ereader. I think she's a terrific writer! Really like this series.
    How cool to see "one of our own" bloggers on a panel. Sheila's great!


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