Monday, November 15, 2010

Blog Tour: The Icing on the Cake by Alison Kent (True Vows)

Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match . . . dot com! An online dating service is not Michelle Snow's idea of how to find love, but when the Big 3-0 hits, Michelle decides she has nothing to lose since she hasn't brought a date home in ten years, she's professionally burned out, and her climb up the corporate ladder has come at the expense of abandoning her sweet dream: to own a boutique cupcakery.

Todd Bracken, early thirties and a successful technology consultant, isn't exactly a player after being off the market for ten years, and pours himself into his dual passions of martial arts and home-sweet-home renovations. Only there's no one to come home to so he decides to give a try. Todd isn't so sure the Internet dating scene is his thing—until a message pops up in the wee hours on a weekend night: 'I like your smile.' Todd likes—a lot—the whole package that glides into a French bistro in Washington, D.C.

It's serious mojo-at-first-sight but there's a glitch: Todd and Michelle live in different cities. Will love find its way in the digital age with a 'You've Got Mail' courtship when video cam kisses just aren't enough? And when Todd challenges Michelle to not only go for her dream but let him share it, will they be able to make it happen together despite obstacles more plentiful than a shower of rainbow sprinkles? 

Ever since I heard about the True Vows series (the first reality-based romance series) last Spring I have been so excited about the concept! Taking a real life love story and turning it into a book, how cool! I would love to find out more about how the books were written, did the authors interview the couples. read interviews with them, how much is straight from the couple and how much is the author's addition, I just love the concept!

And specifically with The Icing on the Cake which deals with Michelle's dreams of opening up a cupcake bakery, I mean what's not to love about CUPCAKES! Michelle and Todd meet via I sort of figured there would be a bit more in the book about online dating but they meet up face to face pretty quickly and the whole internet relationship thing is very short lived.

Like a lot of the romance novels I've read, I love that The Icing on the Cake switches between both Michelle and Todd's perspectives, I felt like I got to know them both equally that way. And the story is rather sweet, you can tell they are both genuinely caring people and since this is about real people, I love knowing these two are really out there living their life together! One of my favorite passages is about a tour of bakeries that Todd puts together in New York City for Michelle, I am happy to say I have been to two of their stops, delicious!

But, since this is based on a real life couple, the ups and downs and excitement you find in all stories is sort of softened, nothing really that shocking happens, they both have their own personal struggles and triumphs but I guess I could have used a little more zing in one way or another.

Overall a sweet book from what looks to be a very promising series of books!

The Icing on the Cake was released on September 14th 2010
Genre: Reality-Based Contemporary Romance
3.5/5 Stars
ARC picked up at BEA

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  1. Interesting. I'd never heard about this type of romance book where they make a book from a real-life romance. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Anonymous9:15 PM

    I read about this series online, too, and thought it sounded really cute! And I've gotta admit I love sweet things -- so cupcakes + romance = sold.


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