Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Weekly Dose of Crafts!

A bunch of stuff to show this week again! Probably too much! 
Let's start with the most exciting thing, my order from Knit Picks arrived, my first personally placed order! I got yarn for Christmas gifts, some needles to try (I'm in love with them!), a kit, some yarn to try some tiny toys and a few other things!

Here it is unpacked. Let me know if you are interested in the details of what everything is and I'll stick it in the comments! And this order may or may not be on top of a good sale at Joann's and a good sale tomorrow at Michael's...

Over the weekend I worked a few rows on my neglected ripple, so it gets to be the background  this week!

Here is the hat I brought to Knitting class last Wednesday (tonight is my last class) it was going along well and then I realized after the brim I was doing the wrong pattern, I was reading it as one sequence for rows 1 and 3 and another for 2 and 4 but it's actually 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 so I think I'm doing the seed stitch instead of the moss stitch. :(

Here are the two scarves that were in progress last week, and they are now done!

I've been seeing these Newfoundland Mittens around a lot lately and after reading the pattern I realized they weren't too hard so I started my own pair, I think I'll be bringing these to my final knitting class tonight.

Yarns used:
Berroco Vintage Black 5145
Mochi Plus 574

When my Knit Picks order arrived I was really excited to try my new needles (I got a try-it set which has 1 pair of interchangeable in their 3 styles) and also a few other sizes for my Christmas projects. I really want to get a full set of their needles now but don't know which to get! I've usually stayed away from wood needles because they are too grippy for me but these I really like!

This is a scarf for either my dad or grandpa, I got 2 browns so we'll see how it ends up! I really like this pattern because it's reversible!

Yarn used:
Comfy Bulky Fedora

My mom really liked the fingerless gloves I had made last week so I'm making her a pair too! 

Yarn used:
Comfy Worsted Jalapeno

And finally, last week I found out that my favorite local yarn store was having a beginners sock class starting this week, and I signed up! My first class was yesterday and there are 2 more sessions. We are making socks from worsted weight and I guess they will be considered more slipper socks, but apparently I will be able to apply the same rules to sock weight yarn so I'm really excited to learn! I'm eying some of this yarn!

For next week I'm just making the tube of the sock that goes to your ankle. I've decided I'm not really fond of the yarn I picked, it's not soft enough for my hands but oh well. I'm just learning! Also, I'm pretty much the slowest knitter in my class and also the youngest haha!

Yarn used:
Dream in Color Classy Worsted Weight Ruby River

For more crafty goodness be sure to stop over at WIP Wednesday! And find me on Raverly as mint910.


  1. Your things always look so good! I hope I'll be able to knit and crochet like that someday!

  2. Once again in awe of how productive you are! Awesome projects. I can't wait to see how the colorwork mittens turn out. I love the color combination. Now, about that KnitPicks box... what's the stripedy stuff, please?

  3. I love getting boxes from KnitPicks, and it looks like you got a good haul. What are your plans for all that Palette, the colors are gorgeous!

  4. Ooh, what a fantastic yarn haul! Love what's on your needles, especially those mittens!

  5. I love everything you're working on, but you already know that! I ESPECIALLY love the mittens you're working on! So amazing.

    I can't wait to get my try it pack of needles! WOOT!

    Oh yeah...Go knit yourself some fingerless gloves. ;)

  6. Anonymous12:37 PM

    Those mittens look great, love them.

    Seriously impressed with how much you've got going on, I wish I had the time to do that much.

    Love the stash from KnitPicks. Fab!

  7. You are becoming a knitting fool! I love it.

  8. What nice stash enhancement! I love the carrot scarf and the mitts!

  9. An Inquiring Mind- I only first learned in February so you totally can do it too!

    Paula- That's Felici Self Striping in Sport weight (my next order is going to be sock weight) it's so so so so cute!

    Joycers- I'm going to make Rebecca Danger's Three Christmas Hooligans, the MochiMochi little Snowmen & then a Pencil also from MochiMochi!

    Here are the raverly links:

    I haven't worked this small yet so I hope it's not too much of a struggle!

    elepahntJuice- Thank you, I ran outside when I saw the postman park (i kept looking out the window)!

    Tami- Best insult EVER!

    Emma- It's only temporary my extra time, it will be sad when it's gone! (I'm unemployed right now)

    Beth F- :D I know!!!!

  10. Here is the lowdown on the whole Knit Picks order too:

    From back row to front row:

    Comfy Bulky in Fedora, Bison, and Vinca for scarves for Christmas gift and a hat.

    Comfy Worsted in Jalapeno for fingerless mittens for a Christmas present.

    Crayon in Flamingo (lost its specific purpose so trying to find something new to do with it)

    Palette in Serrano, Blush, Mist, Sweet Potato, Oyster Heather, Black, Cyan, Semolina, Alfalfa, and White for various knitted toys.

    The Toboggan Thrummed Hat & Mittens kit

    Felici Sport Garden Garden gate for a scarf for myself (my next order is going to be Felici sock yarn!)

    Try It Needle Set + size 10.5 and 11 in Zephyrs

    Size 1 needle in nickle plated.

  11. That is quite a yarn haul. I love that ripple in the back ground. All your projects are lovely.

    I've only tried Clover wooden needles a couple times and I wasn't impressed for the same reasons. I just prefer my metal ones and haven't tried any others.

  12. You have been busy! Your projects look great. Be careful with Knit Picks ordering, the free shipping over $50 is a terrible temptation :-)

  13. My grandmother knits all the time, she's made us beanies, mittens and even our baby blankets. My little brothers still have theirs, mine is in a box somewhere. Sometimes I wish I could knit and make some cool hats, your gloves look really neat.

  14. I am so jealous of that box of goodies! What pretty colors! I love the mittens, too. It looks like a slip stitch pattern which is totally fun to knit. You are a crafting machine, not afraid to take on new things. That's so great to see!

  15. Way to go. A box full of yarny yummies...sorta like early Christmas.

  16. YAY for fingerless gloves! ;)

    All look fantastically beautiful. Are you going to be opening and Etsy store to sell all the awesome?

  17. you're freakin' amazing.


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