Wednesday, December 01, 2010

This Year In Movies: November

Parks and Recreation Season 1- I watched an episode or two when this aired on tv, I thought it was ok turns out the whole season was like that but luckily the season is short and the second season gets pretty awesome!

Parks and Recreation Season 2- See above.

Dexter Season 4- Finally got to find out how the shocking ending of the season occurred, I somehow read a spoiler and had to wait like a year to find out why!

The Back Up Plan- Cute.

Letters to Juliet- Pretty cute.

Make It Happen- Fun similar to the other dance movies...

Diary of a Wimpy Kid- Loved this, read the graphic novel a few days later, I love what the movie did with the original material, in a few cases it made it better!

Greenberg- Ugh. I need to stop watching his movies, just because he co-wrote a few movies with Wes Anderson doesn't mean his own work will be anything like it.

Nothing Like the Holidays- Sweet movie, hadn't seen a few of these actors in anything in awhile!

Modern Family Season 1- Damn Netflix probably still has this is on a Very Long Wait, so thank god Target had it on sale so I could finally watch it. WATCH THIS SHOW.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1- Can't believe this is coming to an end very soon. I remembered the book and being almost too dark so I was glad for the moments of humor.

The Office: Overtime- This was a collection of The Office shorts from the web, I hadn't seen most of them but was hoping there might be a few more than there were. Oh well.

Date Night- Cute! These two make a great comedic team!

Psych Season 1- I wasn't sure if I would like this show but it's actually pretty fun. (It's streaming on Netflix right now if you are interested!)

Royal Pains Season 1- Another one I wasn't really sure about but it held my attention!

Killers- Funny! This was a Black Friday purchase, glad I bought it!

White Collar Season 1- Another one I really didn't know much about but I got it from Netflix and enjoyed it!


  1. SOMEONE still thinks Tina Fey should have played the part of Agent 99 in the Get Smart movie instead of Anne Hathaway.

    Also they shouldn't have written her to be SUCH A BITCH.

    Rant over.
    I just love Tina Fey.

  2. The only one of those movies I've seen is Harry Potter.

  3. Jordyn- Was she in the running for the part? I actually really liked the movie, the way it was lol!

  4. Modern Family is one of our personal fave's!!!

    Jen @ I Read Banned Books

  5. I really didn't like Greenburg either. I couldn't watch the whole thing. I thought Date Night was funny too.

  6. You should watch the Season 5 of Dexter asap. It's so good. It starts out very, very boring, but it's getting good FAST. The 2nd and 4th seasons were my favorites and it seems like season 5 is going to be too. If you're a fan of Julia Stiles, you will be even more interested in the latest season.

    One of my professors mentioned Date Night the other day and asked if anyone had seen it. I had but I didn't want to say anything, it was so weird haha


  7. T.V. and Book Addict- I am. ;) Just have last week's to catch up on!


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