Tuesday, February 01, 2011

This Year In Movies: January

 This month I watched 7 movies and and 3 tv shows on dvd.

Eat Pray Love - Interesting. Made me hungry lol.

The Kids Are Alright - Wonderful movie, I can definitely see why it's being nominated for awards.

Inception - Eh. Ok I guess. Leonardo DeCaprio's wife totally annoying the heck out of me and I actually really like that actress. The best part was Joseph Gordon Levitt floating around the hotel. A lot of people told me to put down my knitting and really pay attention, after watching it I don't think I really had to do that.

Monk Season 2 - So sweet and sad at the same time. Total win.

Monk Season 3 - I love how to show follows a formula sort of but never really gets boring or repeats itself.

Monk Season 4 - Still loving Monk. I had to pull myself away mid Season 5 to catch up on some tv I haven't been watching due to my Monk addiction!

Despicable Me - So great! I loved the story and the animation. Very cute.

Easy A - Hilarious. I need to see this again ASAP.

Going the Distance - Eh, not as good as I was hoping. I felt like Drew Barrymore was trying to play someone too young and I wasn't buying it at all.

Freakonomics - I thought the way this book was brought to the screen was brilliant. 4 filmmakers took a chapter from the book and explored it in a short documentary.


  1. I had plans to go see The Kids Are Alright, but it left our area before I could. I totally agree with you on Inception. I can't figure out what everyone loved about it.

  2. I'm with you. Easy A and The Kids Are All Right were awesome. And Inception was an interesting concept and the effects were kind of cool, but I thought the delivery of the story (script, editing, etc) were not that impressive.

  3. :O I can't believe you didn't like Inception. I LOVED INCEPTION! It seriously blew my mind! And I love Easy A. So good.

  4. Anonymous12:00 PM

    Oh, I really loved Easy A too. I must see TKAA and Inception :)

  5. Love me some Monk. Man I'm bummed they cancelled it. Also, I have heard awesome things about Easy A. MUST watch it. Like, yesterday.

  6. bermudaonion and Em and KhrisTinna- I'm glad it wasn't just me with Inception!

    Vicky- Have you seen Memento? I thought that was a better movie from the same guy.

    christina- Did they cancel it?? I thought it ended on its own terms, that makes me sad!

  7. Anonymous5:15 PM

    I'm going through a Monk-marathon too! I love this show. I'm somewhere in the middle of season 6 right now. I had to take a break because I don't want to finish the series!

  8. Anonymous4:33 PM

    I loved Easy A too, I saw it at Tiff :)

  9. I LOVE MONK :P and I honestly can't get enough of it, though like you said, kinda formulaic. He's adorable! Wait til you hit the finale!


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