Friday, April 01, 2011

This Year in Movies: March

This month I watched 7 movies and 1 tv show on dvd!

Monk Season 6- After taking a break for a bit I watched some more Monk!

Duplicity- Eh ok.

The International- Eh slightly less ok.

The Romantics- I liked this but was hoping for just a little more something.

Life As We Know It- Really cute, I was hoping it would be great and it was!

Diary of a Wimpy Kid- Rewatch, I think I wished I was really in the theater seeing the new movie though!

Morning Glory- Really cute too!

Flipped- Sweet, I think the dvd case said something about it being an instant classic, I agree!


  1. I need to see Flipped! I loved the book it's based on.

  2. The only one of those I've seen is Morning Glory and I was a little disappointed in it. I really want to see Wimpy Kid - I love the books!

  3. MONK IS AMAZING!!!!!!!

  4. I've added both Life As We Know It and Morning Glory to my list. Thanks for reminding me of them!

  5. I just could not get into Morning Glory at all. It was very blah for me. But I loved Life as We Knew It.

  6. I just watched Life as We Know It and I loved it! I love that she reads Leonardo the Terrible Monster to the baby. :D

  7. I loved Life as We Know It too! Total ball of fluff but perfect for the mood I was in.


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