Monday, May 30, 2011

#NinePaths Second Path

I actually found my way down the Second Path of the the Nine Paths of Chloe King the end of last week but coming down with a cold and traveling home from New York City has prevented me from sharing the conclusions I came to until now.

The second path started with an email, including a set of 3 questions and a photo.

The three questions were:

What is the ancient Egyptian name for this statue?
What very warm and bright star did ancient Egyptians originally connect to this statue?
What city in Egypt contained a "cult" that was dedicated to the Goddess connected to this statue?

And the photo was:

I was instructed to use the Google App on my MaiPad to photograph the image and after about 10 tries it came up with a result that looked rather similar to my photo and I set off on my journey to answer the three questions.

With the help of my BEA roommates and some Twitter pals here are the answers I came up with.

First of all the statue depicted is an ancient Egyptian cat statue. The ancient Egyptian name for it is the Bastet and the very warm and bright star that it was originally connected to in ancient Egypt is the sun! And finally the Egyptian city that contained a "cult" that was dedicated to the Goddess that was connected to the statue was Bubastis.

I was then instructed to type in the three answers (Bastet, Sun, and Bubastis) into a YouTube search and this is the video I found:

Don't forget, you can play along too by visiting this link!  I can't wait to see what the third path will be!


  1. feel better, sweet one. and also, please know, that I don't know what happened to my hot link to your site in a certain posting, but I will remedy that on the morrow.

  2. What a fun game! Good luck.

    It was great to see you last week!


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