Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Weekly Dose of Crafts

Tami told me a few weeks ago about the Year of Projects and I thought it was a really neat idea! While I'm not really joining I started to make a list of things I would like to accomplish with my yarn crafts over the next year. This is my list:

Finish some WIPS (I have 23 right now) and specifically:
Finish 1 of my 3 WIP blankets
Finish 1 of 2 pairs of WIP socks
Make a pair of socks from Knit Picks Felici
Make a garment
Learn a new technique (like Entrelac or Brioche)
Utilize my books, magazines and booklets to make something (I have a lot)

Speaking of Tami, did you guys know she started a Raverly Group? And in that Raverly group we are going to do a Knit Along! I'm really excited!

Can I also say how happy I am that I am back to crafting!!! Onto a few WIPS, I'm working on a bunch of my existing WIPS but here are the highlights.

What's this purple thing you may ask? Well last weekend in a newsletter from a local craft shop that I love I noticed an upcoming class for a Knitted Tank Top. I've really been wanting to make a garment but wanted my hand to be held a little so this turned out to be the perfect opportunity. My first class was last Wednesday!

Yarn used:
Blue Sky Alpaca Worsted Cotton in Hycinth

 I received my stack of Berroco booklets a few weeks ago and 3 skeins of Boboli for this pattern. I started on it right away! I know it's going to take me forever and a day to finish but it's so pretty!

Yarn Used:
Berroco Boboli Bon Bon

A side note, last weekend I worked an entire color sequence on my Ripple blanket so I thought it was fitting to use it as a background here! I love how that pattern sucks up yarn!

I've been getting some new crafty magazines and such lately so I wanted to share a picture of some of that as well. Does anyone else adore Knitscene? I think it's my favorite Knitting magazine! Also last weekend I found out about this Mollie Makes magazine out of the UK and literally rushed out of the house a few minutes later to purchase a copy at Joann's. I'm sad I missed the first issue but I'm glad that Joann's will be carrying the magazine! 

I've been contemplating getting the KnitPicks Nickel set of interchangables, and luckily enough the store that I'm taking my garment class at carries some of their needles and notions and I couldn't wait any any longer and picked up a set!

One final thing, someone at work is having a baby very soon and we are having a baby shower for her so I thought it might be fun to make some bibs for her baby as part of my present. I'm not sure how many I will have a chance to make but here is the first one!

For more crafty goodness be sure to stop over at WIP Wednesday! And find me on Raverly as mint910.


  1. Wow, you've been busy! You have really made progress on your top for just having started the class. All your projects look great.

  2. I live the idea of the tank top class! Something like ghat would be perfect for me! Good luck with it! Oh the bib is really cute!

  3. I'm TRYING really hard to look at your lovely WIPs but my eyes just keep popping back to that gorgeous ripple crochet underneath!!! :D

  4. I was admiring the ripple too! Mollie Makes is great. I love sitting down with a cuppa when mine arrives x

  5. Can't wait to see the finished tank top. I have yet to knit more in terms of garments than a simple baby sweater.

  6. The tank yarn looks lovely!!

  7. 23 WIPs!?! (faint)

    How do you do it? I'd totally lose track of where I left off on any given one!

  8. Great list for YOPs! Okay, so your tank top looks AWESOME so far. I can't believe you've whipped up that much. So jealous of the Berroco yarn and needle set. Oh yes, and thanks for the Rav group/KAL plug. :)

  9. LOVE seeing this part of you.


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