Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Weekly Dose of Crafts

I might not have posted anything crafty since July (err that was a long time ago) but I've still been making things. So let me share a few things!

My current favorite WIP is something a little new for me, I'm not totally following a pattern, well I am but I'm not at the same time. Back in September Target released a new designer line, Missoni by Target. People were in there buying up everything the day it released. I happened to go the same day to buy some food and luckily happened across these Missoni by Target shoes (I wasn't even on the hunt for them) and couldn't leave them there. I liked the pattern so much I decided I must make a blanket that mimicked them!

Mine look just a little different from this
 First I decided I wanted to knit the blanket since I've never knit a blanket and then I decided I'd probably never finish it so I moved to crochet. I thought about yarn for a few days, I knew I wanted something soft and fluffy but still on the cheap side (my first crochet blanket ended up weighing too much and is a little uncomfortable to use). I settled on Bernat Roving when I realized its colors were very close to that of my shoes. I searched a few stores and ended up buying a few colors online. As you can see below one of the colors didn't pass the test.

Yarn Pyramid!

I started the blanket a little over a week ago using this stitch pattern but making up the stripes based exactly on my shoes and I'd say I'm almost close to half done! I've even been using it as its gotten a little cold here and it's very very warm so far but also not heavy at all! Hooray! I'm only getting about 7 and a half rows from each skein of yarn but its well worth it!

I really don't think I could be any happier with how this is turning out!
 Yarn used:
Bernat Roving
Rice Paper

Have you seen the new Caron yarn by Vickie Howell? Sheep(ish) from her new line Stitch. Rock. Love.? I've been eying it at Joann the last few months!

Just so happens that Vickie Howell was the cover girl on the Knit Simple Holiday Issue sporting her Cover Cowl full of giant cables! The cover claimed you could knit it during the day and wear it that night! Not having tried cables for a LONG time and really wanting to try Sheep(ish) I jumped at the chance to knit this cowl up!

 I'm happy to report that the claims of a quick knit were true! I started it one late afternoon during the weekend and finished the following afternoon, I really think that's got to be some kind of record for me! This has renewed my fascination with cables and I have some plans for some upcoming cabled accessories!

Still needs buttons!
Yarn used:
Sheep(ish) Magenta 
I just have to note this is not actually Magenta, it's really purple!! 

Isn't Sheep(ish) pretty! This pile of yarn leads me to my next WIP.

While exploring Vickie Howell's blog I came across her Color Card Scarf, click the link to see how pretty it is! I gasped when I saw it! The catch was to make it that beautiful would involve using all 21 colors of Sheep(ish) and being the yarn hoarder I am I went for it instead of just trying to find something I already had. I think all but one color I got for at least 40% off over a few weeks.

I was working on this the week before my Missoni blanket when I got stopped by a color I didn't have at the time.


Yarn Used:
Sheep(ish) all colors

I really have a thing for novelty yarn so here are two scarves I made from two of the new Red Heart Boutique yarn lines. I made the first in maybe 2 or so weeks and the second in about 2 days!
The first is the Lengthwise Knit Scarf in Boutique Magical.

Yarn used:
Red Heart Boutique Magical Open Sesame

I also just had to try the new Boutique ribbon yarn Sashay in this pattern

Yarn used:
Red Heart Boutique Sashay Jive

So that's what I've been up to recently, how about you?

For more crafty goodness be sure to stop over at WIP Wednesday! And find me on Raverly as mint910.


  1. these are beautiful! Knitting is one skill I wish I had. :)

  2. Are you wearing your shoes while you're huddled under your blanket? Your blanket is gorgeous!

  3. I love that you're matching the blanket stripes to your shoes - it really is a great pattern :)

  4. Where are you adorable food people?? I want to see that corn!

  5. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Those are all such fabulous colours, the blanket especially. It matches the shoes so well! And I love the colour card scarf - what a fab idea, and it looks like it's going to be great to wear :)

  6. I have those shoes too and your blanket is so cute!!!!!!

  7. A blanket. Designed based on epic cute shoes. Alea, you are freaking brilliant! Love it. The scarves are all pretty awesome too. Nice to see a crafty post again! :)

  8. The shoes and blanket combo are wicked clever :) Love it!

  9. Wow, so many pretty things. Love the idea of your blanket to match your shoes, but then I got to the colour card scarf, and that knocked my socks off!

  10. I just keep looking at all your photos over and over again. Stunning. I wish I could knit and blog at the same time, then I would be in heaven.

  11. The blanket looks lovely, and the scarf will be gorgeous - wow at the rav link!

  12. Way cool matching the shoe pattern! That made me so happy for some reason. ;)

  13. I love the shoes and the blanket! I so wish I had the patience to knit a blanket, so kudos to you!

  14. The blanket is looking amazing, and It is awesome that it matches your shoes.

  15. Awesome work! I just crocheted my little man a froggy earflap hat! He looks so cute in it!

    I started a baby shower gift. A pair of adorable mary jane booties. I also have the yarn and pattern to do a blanket, sweater and another pair of booties for the baby girl. I have one bootie done. :)

  16. I love that Sashay. My local yarn shop has something similar, and the owner said that scarves made with that yarn are quick and easy, so I think I'm going to try it out.


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