Monday, January 02, 2012

The Lying Game: Winter Premiere Tonight!

Hey, The Lying Game and Pretty Little Liars fans! The Lying Game and Pretty Little Liars are back tonight with all new episodes. (yay!) I for one am very excited!

A few weeks back I got a mysterious package in the mail. Turns out it was the first two new episodes of The Lying Game's Winter Season! 

I don't want to spoil anything in the upcoming episodes but I'll share a few tidbits. 

 In the first two episodes...
• We'll find out the outcome of the cliffhanger of the Summer Season 
• A new mystery will be revealed that confuses more than just the audience
• There is a new cast member
• Emma will receive a belated and mysterious birthday gift
• Emma and Ethan will take the blame for something they didn't do
• Emma will act on her future, as Sutton

Basically there is a lot going on as usual!

Have you been watching The Lying Game, are you going to watch tonight? Also have you heard about Jane by Design? I'm super excited to see it Tuesday night! Some fashion and tv bloggers have been doing Style Challenges leading up the Jane by Design, here's the blogger I've been following!


  1. I love The Lying Game. Emma and Ethan together make me melt ;)

  2. I was watching the lying game marathon yesterday haha I can't wait for Jane by Design.


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