Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Charley Bracelet: How to Measure Your Hand for Sizing

For the most accurate measurement take a fabric tape measure and wrap it around your hand. Make sure you wrap it so it goes around your thumb knuckle which is the widest part of your thumb. 

Bracelet should fit snugly over your hand so it fits perfectly on your wrist and doesn't fall off. Work it onto your hand slowly, it will be snug.


Bracelets are made to approximately 8 inches and are created to slip snugly over your hand for a perfect fit on your wrist. There is no clasp on the standard bracelet so if you need a custom size or are concerned about the fit please leave the requested size in the Note to Seller box. 

If you are still concerned about the fit I can add a clasp to your bracelet just leave a message in the Note to Seller box. 

Bracelets are created with a standard gold metal chain but if you prefer a silver metal chain please leave a note in the Note to Seller box. 

If no customization notes are made you will receive an approximately 8 inch long bracelet with a gold metal chain and no clasp.

*Bracelets featured in this post are from the upcoming Charley Bracelet Lusters Collection!

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