Friday, September 28, 2012

Review: My Wonderful World of Shoes by Nina Chakrabarti

My Wonderful World of Shoes is perfect for shoe lovers, fashion lovers and people that just love to sit down and color! Basically it's good for all ages! I've been a fan of Nina Chakrabarti's books ever since the first one My Wonderful World of Fashion came out! They are very multi-use, you can look at them as an art book or a coffee table book or you can literally sit down and color in them!

Beyond all that I really like Nina's style of illustration, sense of humor and even just the way the books are designed, I'm a sucker for cardboard and sparkly metallics and of course pink! 

So obviously I'm a huge fan of her work I think they make great gifts for girls of any age and just make you smile! Since I have all her books my only issue with My Wonderful World of Shoes would be that I wish it had more of the interaction and variety of prompts that her previous books have. I get that this is solely (ha!) focused on shoes but I would have loved to have seem a page filled with a shoe pattern or someone wearing the shoes, some variety in the layout. But overall this book is definitely still a win!

Here's a page I colored (yes I still like to color!):

A little about Nina and her studio:

Nina's My Wonderful World of Fashion Website- you can design your own shoe in her app! So fun!

My Wonderful World of Shoes was released on September 19th
Genre: Art/Fashion
4/5 Stars
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