Monday, November 19, 2012

New to the Pop Culture Junkie Store

Meet the Zoe Bracelet! Named after Dr. Zoe Hart from Hart of Dixie! Zoe has 3 colored plastic links on a chunky textured curb chain bracelet. Zoe comes in 12 colors and your choice of a gold or silver chain!

Meet the Serena Bracelet! Named after Serena from Gossip Girl! Serena is a chunky curb chain bracelet that comes in both gold and silver!  

Meet the Caroline Bracelet! Named after Caroline of 2 Broke Girls! Caroline is a chunky curb chain bracelet that has large links and even larger links that comes in both gold and silver!

If the Serena Bracelet is too chunky for you, Caroline offers a slightly understated alternative!


Meet the Max Necklace! Named after Max of 2 Broke Girls! Max is a geometric diamond charm necklace on a long silver chain.


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    Thanks John, I appreciate the comment. Catch ya on the boards.
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