Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lookalikes 7

Thanks to Reviewer X/Steph for sharing these with me and Ambeen!

Not only do we have two covers with the same photo but another that has a similar look to it! Isn't it interesting to see how the same photo can look so different based on the color palette.

Which is your favorite? My vote goes to North of Beautiful.

I think I'll have to look into reading these as well :)

EDIT: 9/27/08 Look what Melissa Walker found! Another cover to match Angels in Pink! Thanks Melissa!

And Reviewer X pointed out that this was an early cover version! Even better! Here's the final!

EDIT: 10/6/08 Look at the other cover Steph (Reviewer X) found! This is giving this one a run for it's money!

UPDATE 3/1/09: Here's another one featuring the same cover model! Thanks to Book Chic who also noticed this!

UPDATE: 6/19/09 Laina found this via Wondrous Reads, thanks guys!


  1. DUDE, you rock, Alea. :) Ohh and it was Ambeen you noted the difference between Evermore and NoB. ;)

    But yes, it's so interesting to see these similar covers! Makes you wonder if it's done on purpose... Hmm :)


  2. Steph- No you rock for sharing these with me! I added Ambeen into my post, thank goodness for edit!

    I think I actually read the post were people were talking about one of the covers or the other and then it was mentioned that the other had the same picture! Love it!

    Hope we can find more!

  3. I vote for North of Beautiful as well!

    I actually read about the North of Beautiful and Evermore similarity somewhere else. I can't remember where, though, so I'm sorry for taking credit! :P

  4. Someone's earning a lot of money with these.

    And glad you like my illustrations, thanks for stopping by.

  5. Wow... they're pretty pics but... geez!

  6. Anonymous11:40 AM

    Pretty girl at least:)

  7. Love these posts, by the way! (Hi again!)

  8. Anonymous5:35 PM

    For me it is a toss up with North of Beautiful and Evermore. I like the contrast of the red flowers with the black and white on Evermore. It has been fun to see all of your look-a-likes!

  9. Ambeen- LOL that's ok. I remember when it was being discussed but where and by who that gets fuzzy!

    Daniel- Oh I know! Yeah I really like your illustrations, I'll have to remember to pop over and look at more!

    Marie- LOL, I know!

    Tracy- Yes I agree, at least they aren't horrible photos.

    avisannschild- Thanks!

    Mrs- Yes they are both really nice but North of Beautiful just pleases my eye a little better. And thank you!

  10. Definitely the same photo on NORTH OF BEAUTIFUL and EVERMORE--but such different colors it works, I think.

    And, I think ANGEL'S CHOICE by Lauren Baratz-Logstead has the same cover as ANGELS IN PINK...

  11. Melissa Walker- Yeah I like seeing the same image used in such different ways that they become different things! And great find, I'm going to edit it into the post!

  12. Anonymous8:53 AM

    number 2. Evermore by far

  13. Anonymous- I see them so differently so I can't pick one. I love these two!!!

  14. Ha! I guess I missed this post before and I just now realized that Evermore has the same covergirl as North of Beautiful. After looking at both covers like 1000 times each. I'm slow...

  15. Anonymous10:37 AM

    What is that girls name(the one on NoB) ???? I was wondering cuz' she looks familiar...
    please respond hopefully with the answer!! : )

  16. Anon- Sorry I don't have that information, it's a stock photo :/

  17. Thought you (and your readers) might be interested in reading this article in Publishers' Weekly. Also, here's another (cropped) lookalike cover: The Territory of Men.

  18. Came here from Melissa Walker's post on NOB's cover story. I thought I'd point this one out (Liar by Justine Larbalestier) -- here's the Goodreads link:


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